I always thought they ate paste

Do you know anyone who was a paste-eater? Or do you suspect it? Just yesterday, my lovely wife informed me that the oatmeal she’d purchased for the baby tasted just like library paste. Oh that explains so much.

I was known to sample the paste.

I was more of a glue-sniffer, myself.

I used to eat the homemade play-doh.

But not the paste.

One of my most disgusting childhood memories occurred repeatedlyin the first grade. Our desks were in pairs around the room and the other half of my pair was a girl who liked to drink Elmer’s glue straight from the bottle. The smell of glue still makes me nauseated. Urgh.

Paste eating might have been a bit more surreptitious but we didn’t have any readily available. She also stole our counting pennies but even that I could handle.

I tried the paste. Hey, it was a long time between breakfast and lunch at my school.

It smelled like wintergreen berries and it was sweet. If we weren’t supposed to eat it, why did it smell and taste like food?

I only remember trying it once, though. Must not have been that great.

I used to be a big paste eater in grade school, I still have a taste now and then (I’m 46). Yumm.

Hi…my name is Kizarvexius, and I’m a recovering paste eater.

The only kid I ever remember eating paste was the kid who pooped in the corner of the classroom.

My tastes were far more refined. I ate Crisco.
Hey! Stop retching! Look upon it as sugar-free cake frosting.

I ate the homemade play doh. And slices of butter, right off the stick – but I don’t think paste ever came into it.

HI Kizarvexius.

Aren’t we all?

Don’t judge me! Everyone was trying it!

I’d get really bored in class. So I’d make puddles of it inside my desk. Let dry. Nibble.

the girl next to me ate her entire paste jar in the first 5 minutes of first grade. i’m figuring she thought the red spreader thing in the cap was a spoon or something.

i’m fairly sure she was eyeing my paste jar as well.

Once I learned what the phrase “non-toxic” meant, I pretty much tasted anything that was labelled that way. Paste, commercial Play-Do, Elmer’s Glue, etc. I generally just took tastes, rather than truly eating it, and I still remember what most of them taste like.

I feel like I missed out on a rite of passage because I never ate paste or glue or play dough, home-made or otherwise. :frowning:

I have, however, tried hay, milkbones and other assorted animal feeds.

It’s never too late to try!

Didn’t she get constipated? Oh you wouldn’t know.

I think I was in first or second grade. A kid in my class named James took a whole jar of paste, spread it on foolscap paper, folded it in half and ate it like a sandwich. Guk.

I, too, ate Crisco. Praise the lard.