I am a grumpy poster in the mornings.

An ogre, if you will. I’ve found that if I post to the SDMB when I first wake up, or within a few hours of waking up, I am far more likely to post some sort of douchey, snarky, cynical claptrap than in the evening.

I’m really a very thoughtful, sweet (I think), polite person.

Mundane. Pointless. Stuff.

I used to be grumpy if I got woken up prematurely and my chance of more sleep was ruined for no good reason.

These days I don’t get grumpy in the mornings (or what counts as ‘morning’ for someone who works 4pm til midnight)

I’ve been pretty grumpy lately and have often typed up snarky posts, only to shut them down before posting. I try to be a pretty good guy, but lately I’ve been a whole bag full of grump - maybe even a bag and half full. So before I post I step back and reread and most of the time if it seems snarky I shut it down.

Why Is that, Ogre? I’m usually more cheery in the AM, 'til the weathering of the day makes me have a more craptacular attitude. Here on the SD, I am at my worst after work, um, like now…, and the times I’ve fired off something I regret are at night after work.

What is it about the morning for you, honestly curious.

No idea, really. I suppose my gears aren’t fully calibrated yet, or something. :slight_smile: It usually takes me a little while to get up to speed in the mornings. I suppose you can tell from this posting time that I’m a bit of a night owl, even though I have to drive in the morning.