I am a sci-fi freak today.

For no apparent reason I’ve been stomping around the office with Star Wars Imperial March (Darth Vader music) buzzing through my head.

And just now things got unexpectedly crazy here at work…this time it was Star Trek(OS) danger music. More difficult to describe which one, usually involves a hot plasma exchange between the Enterprise and some ultraviolent alien craft: duh duh duhh duhh duhh duhh duhh duh duh duhh duh.

Just glad I’m not wearing a red shirt today.

Was the music from the rotating cube in Corbomite Maneuver? I assume it wasn’t the Kirk/Spock fighting music from Amok Time, which got reused a lot. The music from The Doomsday Machine doesn’t have duh duhs in it.

You have Star Wars music in your head? Ha. I have it coursing through my headphones when I work out.

But right now, I do have that Star Trek danger music in my head too.

Welcome aboard.

Heck, Lady Chance and I used the recessional from the end of Star Wars for our wedding recessional. The right people laughed.

I had this boss who always moved like she was in a hurry. She also wasn’t very nice. Every time I saw her walk by the Wicked Witch music from the Wizard of Oz ran through my head.

Do you mean the Klingon Battle theme? It’s one of the two incidental pieces I know outside of the main theme.

The other being the Amok Time fight music.

I know some people who used the Imperial March as the bride’s procession music at their wedding. :cool: