I. Am. an. Idiot.

So around five I wanted to go to the bookstore. As is my habit, I generally take my cell phone with me. FTR, I rarly use my cellphone because I rarely need one, the times I leave the house, I’m usually with anyone I want to call. So as a rule I keep it in my desk drawer until I go for a walk or to the bookstore. I look in my desk drawer, it’s not there. Maybe I left it on the nightstand, nope not there. I check all the places I tend to set things down, nothing. OK now the search begins in earnest. I spend an hour tearing the house apart looking. Nothing. I do find three nokias but not mine, though I only remember having two (this is important later).

Now I start questioning people starting with my 14 y/o, he’s had a thing for my cell phone since I bought my motorola flip. Nope. The other two haven’t seen it either. The wife suggest I look in the car. Ok here’s a conumdrum, which car? For the same reason I rarely use the cell, I also rarely drive. The last time I drove anywhere that I can remember is a couple of weeks ago when we took the kids to see Fantastic Four and War of the Worlds.

My wife has a car, I have a car, and my best friend gave me a car that I let him use when he’s in town. I have no idea which car I drove, because I’m in all them once a week. We have overly aggressive parking enforecement and a two car garage. So once a week I change which car is on the street, to keep from getting an abandoned vehicle notice. Since asking “Which car did we take ______?” usually leads to five different answers, I search them all. Nothing.
Hey wait, I think, I had my phone on my desk last Friday with the charger. I remember this clearly, because it was the day he left for North Carolina to help my Mom move here to California. Maybe he knows where I put it. So I call him, pressing the speed dial. I’ve been calling him and one of my other brothers who’s also assisting my Mom all week. I call and ask him and he starts laughing, and asks what number I dialed. I look at the display and :smack: I totally forgot I had swithed phones with him. He has a nokia with a Metro PCS plan. Works fine in major cities but not much anywhere else.

Tonight, I clean up my house, tommorrow bookstore.

Heh heh heh.

Ah, well, I’m glad you figured it out. I lose my phone all the time and curse myself for putting everyone in there under a nickname - which means if anyone finds it they are forced to make the choice between calling people who seem to have names like ‘Green Moose’, ‘Thor’, ‘G. Depardieu’ and ‘Dungeon Master’ or, you know, NOT calling those people.

Then I find it in the car. :smack:

I normally just get someone to call my number and then follow the ringing…