My Moble Phone is Missing

I had it when I left the house on Wednesday morning. I can’t say I have seen it since. Remember we have a Thursday-Friday weekend here, so I am spending my “Saturday” wandering through my usual routine, patting my pockets and feeling oddly naked.

I have called the fool thing. It rings, so we know it has not been spit like a cosmic watermelon seed into a parallel universe. Nobody answers. Perhaps it is my classroom, or my office desk. Or not.

Only one sure way to find it of course. I will not buy a new just yet though.

What an odd, unsettling feeling.

My phone once went disappear-o too awhile ago. It is disconcerting. I retraced all my steps, went searching through every room. But nothing. That was many months ago. I hope you’re fine with unfinished stories, because (hopefully not) you may never know what happened to it.

I am nowhere near as attached to my mobile as some folks, I quite often leave it at home without a second thought and then have a bunch of friends moaning at me (via email) because I haven’t responded to their texts.

One friend in particular doesn’t seem able to breath properly unless she has her mobile either in sight (if she’s at work) or clutched in her hot little hand (if she’s out with us). It might not ring but she knows where it is. I guess it’s the modern-day adult comfort blanket.

Oh boy. That is why I love being a girl-you may not have pocket in your clothes but here in America it is normal to carry a purse/handbag. I always put my keys and mobile back in “their” assigned spots in the “bag of the day”.

Paul, I hope that you discover it at work.

That’s it, blame the victim here. As an old soldier, I habitually put things back in the right place. This makes the times I neglect too all the more surreal.

Hello, it is a mobile phone…

Why the surprise?