I Am An Idiot

So I volunteered to feed my friend’s cat. Well, she’s something of a friend, but she’s really the mom of my 8 year old’s good friend. The family went to Europe on Wednesday. So…I went over this afternoon, fed the cat, watered a few plants and fucking locked their key in their motherfucking house! They won’t be back till the second week in August! Fuck, fuck, fuck! And she did NOT leave another key with the elderly neighbors as she said she would.

Now, my husband is at work, but I just dropped my son at his friend’s house. Now these people are lovely people and the dad is a firefighter. So, the mom called him in from being on the way to work and he came back to help me all confident that he could pop a window or something.

The place is locked up like a tomb.

Except there are some windows open on the second floor.

So, the nice firefighter dad tries one window. It’s got those burglar proof things on and will only open an inch.

Well, long story short he climbed in a front window and let me in. But I am so embarrassed and stressed and mortified that he’s now late for work and covered in sweat.

Did I mention my husband works for his wife?

And the first time I cat sat for these other people I set off their burglar alarm?
Just fucking kill me.

Why is this in the pit? Do you want someone to call you a stupid, miserable fuckwit with no sense to handle the most basic tasks, and to be shocked and amazed that you can feed and clothe yourself?

Cause I’d never say that, seeing as how I once locked myself out of my car while the car was running. And once called AAA because I’d locked myself out of my car only to discover that the windows were down. And…

Good god, I need to pit myself!

Well, if it’s any comfort, this thread just reminded me to unplug my cellphone from the charger and put it back in my purse, so I don’t forget it. I’ve done that at least twice in the last week and then I either have to come back to the office or sweat about it all weekend, because we’ve had some thefts of small items.

So, you did some good.

An easy enough mistake to make. Go easy on yourself!

I used to do it all the time to the point where I now have a ritual that before I leave the apartment at all, even if I’m just going to the mailbox, I will always check my pockets for keys. Same for when I leave the library (I have work keys on the keychain).

Otherwise, I’m working in the library and muttering to myself all morning “Where the fuck are my motherfucking keys. Goddammit . . . Oh, sorry Father Ted, here’s your books.”

For the same reason, when I get money from an ATM. I have to LOOK at my ATM card in the wallet before I walk away from the machine.

Again, you’re not alone. This sort of thing happens to everyone.

Make a copy of the key. Keep it at your house.

Your responsibility over the house does not end when the family comes home. It’s a good idea once everyone is sleeping in the house to go over and check on everyone to make sure they’re okay.

Yes I’m kidding.

Or a part time stalker!
OT: Iv done stuff like that dosens of times…

iv gone to school without my bag, and no, not my gym back, my fucking bag, no books all day!

(and yes, first time was in the 4th grade, but i did it once in collage aswell! >_<)

I wouldn’t have been so stressed if I’d locked myself out of my own house. But I can’t really change the locks on these people and I can’t really break their windows. I just hope my husband can get their screens back in.

At least the kid of the guy who helped me did let my dog out this evening. Like so he could run away. So now we’re both inconvenienced.

Just as an aside, I threw my debit card away at Au Bon Pain this week.

But when I called AAA to get me out of the car that time, the windows were at least UP. I’ll always have that.

I was taking care of a friends house while he was away. I went out his sliding glass door onto his second-story patio to water some plants, and closed the door behind me. As I did this, I watched the burglar-prevention stick slide down the door face and jamb the door closed, leaving me stuck outside on his patio. I had to jump from the second story to get down…

Caricci, two words for you: Day Spa

That’s not a bad idea.

I would have knocked a few back, but I had to go to Target. Plus I didn’t have a few to knock back.

Did I mention our Beta-Fish-Who-Would-Not-Die died today? Not my fault of course, but it didn’t help.

Hey! This is kind of worse than what happened to me! No offense, beowulff , but I feel a little better.

I apologize, but I confess that I am laughing out loud. Make sure you take a taxi and pay beforehand by phone. You know, to improve your chances.

OhMyGawd! You’re Human! :wink:

Don’t let it get out.

Based on the expected direction of the thread, I’m gonna move it to MPSIMS.

As for locking yourself out, don’t be so hard on yourself, Caricci, we all make mistakes. (Although the fact that your husband works for the wife does give a bit of added zing to this one.) :slight_smile:

If you released some huge spiders in their house without their knowledge and put tiny cameras on the backs of the spiders, you could keep tabs on them pretty effectively.
Edited to add: It’s okay, Caricci. We still love you. (idiot)

Dude, this is absolutely crying out for a gratuitous threadlocking!

Waaaah! I wanted to call her a fcking mr*n. Oh well, have some chocolates instead. :wink:

(And take Sapo’s advice)

None taken.
Actually, at the time it happened, I watched dumbly as the bar slid down, then I just had to laugh. Of course, I then had to get down without breaking anything…