I am at the in-laws and they just spoiled star wars for me.

I was just trying to figure out what the OP thought “spoiled” the movie. I especially don’t see how that can be objectionable in a Pit thread about SW spoilers. But whatever, spoiler box it if you want. Still don’t understand how anyone could think that affects their ability to enjoy a movie, especially this one (which has been out a while and most of America has seen).

No you weren’t “just” anything.

Either you are the biggest fucking jerk here in a long while or the biggest god damn fucking retard.

Probably both.

It’s too fucking late, you fucking asshole.

I don’t believe for a second the “I couldn’t possibly know that this post would piss people off.” You know there are plenty of people who avoid spoilers, and you know that this is a thread that people sensitive to spoilers are likely to read.

At some point you just have to believe people that it affects their ability to enjoy a movie.

Screenwriters and other fiction authors write plot surprises into a story exactly so that they can be discovered by the reader or viewer the way they are presented in a story. Knowing events ahead of time changes the experience as it was intended.

But you could have asked that without shitting the bed.

It has been out a couple of weeks, you idiot.

And what kind of statistical study do you base this on, you fucking moron?

Sorry; I got your PM, and my quoting the shithead fucked up your run :smack:

Rigmarole, you are the Dick of the Month.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

Big prick move. Even if it doesn’t bother you personally, you must realize that many others hate to be spoiled, right?

I haven’t seen it. Thankfully, I already knew this. But you’re still an assbag, especially since you so obviously did this on purpose. Go fuck a chainsaw sideways.

I’m shocked anyone would do that. I PM’d the OP to skip posts 54 and 55. I don’t know how easy that will be.

Aw shit, dude! WTF would you do that?? I’m seeing it this weekend and I had no idea that happened. Thanks a lot asshole.

How is a thread about SW spoilers, in the Pit of all places (which was always supposed to be more lax in rules, although it has since had quite a few rules instituted I can’t find any about posting spoilers) not an appropriate place to discuss… SW spoilers? Also, the OP claimed to have already been “spoiled”. Again, I wanted to know what led her to that belief. I don’t see how anyone could think reading a thread about spoilers in Star Wars might not even touch upon spoilers in Star Wars.

I base that off looking at the box office sales and seeing it’s grossed over a billion dollars worldwide and $540 M domestically. Although yes, some people see it multiple times, that’s enough that an enormous chunk of Americans have already seen it. Anyone who is a serious Star Wars fan has certainly seen it. I cannot possibly believe you think major plot points are actually a national secret at this point.

Rigamorale is a Jar-jar for that, but i saw a guy get mad about being spoiled with Fight Club after it had been out two years. This is a new Star Wars trilogy and it’s been out over two weeks. If you really gave a shit you wouldn’t you have seen the movie by now?


When you get VD and your dick falls off I’ll be the first one here clapping.

What the hell? I thought that shit only happened in places where puberty hasn’t set in yet. Talk about needing to get a life, and it ain’t the folks who don’t want to be spoilered over the latest Star Wars. I agree that something that blatantly egregious should be an instaban. You set out to be a dick, live by your stupid ass decision.

Cool story. So, can you explain how finding one detail about a fiction movie in advance (in a thread about that movie, and specifically about “spoilers” about that specific movie) ruined your life in such a way that it warrants the totally over-the-top shitfit reaction you and a few other people here seem to have about it? Because I honestly don’t understand that at all. It’s kind of a mediocre movie anyway, but it’s decent, and it won’t be any less decent/mediocre/whatever because of knowing or not knowing a detail like that. The OP was venting about this, and I wanted to know specifically how she thought her experience was “ruined”. It shouldn’t be forbidden to talk about the very thing that is the subject of a thread. It’s not like I just went into some random thread to post that, nor would I think the Pit would have as strict spoiler-boxing requirements as other forums.

You really ARE a clueless dick aren’t you?

I can hardly wait to laugh at every bad thing that happens to you that you bitch about here. Or give you bad advice that increases the chance of you getting fucked over.

Sounds fun - I wouldn’t wish the same on you, even though your totally disproportionate reactions are disturbing. In fact, I hope you get all the help you need.

Yeah, it’s everyone else.

It is not a thread about Star Wars spoilers. It’s a thread complaining about people who are spoiling Star Wars.

Don’t be a jerk applies everywhere on this board. The only rule that is relaxed in this forum is the one that bars direct insults.

And what about everyone else who was sympathizing with her and similarly expressing hopes not to be spoiled?

  1. You could have asked that question without including a spoiler.
  2. You could have used spoiler boxes.
  3. You could have sent a private message, one that complied with (1) and (2) above.

Again, it is not a thread about spoilers in Star Wars. It is a thread criticizing people who are spoiling Star Wars.

An “enormous chunk” that is nowhere close to “most of America.”

There is absolutely no basis for you to make this claim. And there’s no basis for you to think that only “serious” fans deserve not to be spoiled.

And I cannot possibly believe that you think that this is an argument that justifies what you did. And I don’t believe that you think that.

I really hope the administration perma-insta-bans your pathetic ass.

Wanted in on some of that sweet DrDeth attention, did you?

So how many people have reported post 54? I did, and asked if there was any way to delete posts 54 and 55. Hmmm, maybe I should’ve asked if there’s a way to spoiler box* them? Hey, Miller, that an option? (Hope he’s not offline… at a certain Sci-Fi movie).

*Rigmarole, why didn’t you at least do that? That would’ve taken five seconds. And saved a number of people… oh, forget it. You clearly don’t care.