I am at the in-laws and they just spoiled star wars for me.

I went ahead and reported it as well just in case there is some glitch in the system.

I also started a thread bitching about this in the About This Message Board forum…“Suspensions should hurt”

I said I’m fine with that if a mod edits it with a box, and in retrospect I would have if I knew people would have such a total shitfit. I didn’t, and still don’t really believe a Pit thread about Star Wars spoilers is an inappropriate place to discuss Star Wars spoilers, nor do I believe it actually spoils anything. The disproportionate reaction is beyond ridiculous though.

Is he that dumbass that can’t STFU about the Game of Thrones and is topic banned because of it?

That’s the bunny.

Thanks, man. Didn’t the guy who spoiled the fate of the Wicked Witch Of The West get suspended… over a boiling pool of flying monkey poo?

See…THIS is the problem.

First, NOBODY believes you didn’t fucking know EXACTLY what you were doing when you did it.

Second, even IF somebody might give you the benefit of the doubt because hey, ethics reasons, you are still a god damn dick about it.

IMO the only respectable reaction to your epic turd for you is MY BAD…I’m so fucking sorry…I was a retard…or I was drunk…or high…or on new meds…or I just lost my job…or the wife asked for a divorce…or I just found out I have cancer…

But no, you are going to double down on your stupid assed jerkitude.

Ahhh…thats what I thought. I guess I have the advantage of not giving a crap about the Game of Thrones so at least THAT hasn’t been spoilered for me also.

I reported. Glad to see someone is choosing to dig further than to own up. Seriously.

You must have missed the one about trolling.

That’s a warning.

Well, me neither, but I still wouldn’t take a big stinking shit in the middle of a thread for people who do like it.

Not everyone has time to run right to the movie theater. Two years is one thing, two weeks? Seriously? Not all of us camp out in our homemade costumes with plastic lightsabers on opening day.

There are rules against being a jerk. That’s the part that applies to you.


I waited until the crowds died down, because I hate being in a packed theater.

I went on Christmas Eve and the theater was comfortably underpopulated.

there’s only one theater in existence?

Well, me neither either either :slight_smile:

Reminds of a thread about Breaking Bad. And it was even something specific like “only the first two seasons” because the OP had only seen it up to that point. I missed the last season because I moved at the time and didn’t have the channel for awhile.

Some idiot comes in and spoilers it. And I don’t mean he kinda hints at something or accidentally talks about early season 3.

Dude flat out tells how the series ended.:mad:

Well, at least this incident allows me to coin a new phrase.


Well, not everybody has the ability to call on the power of the Shwartz.

As others have said, the topic was “crappy people who spoiled this movie”, not “what are star wars spoilers.”.

perhaps you noticed that several other people in the thread said they were trying to avoid spoilers? Can you read?

did it occur to you to ask her? Maybe a post that said, “can you please PM me and tell me what was spoiled?”

To be honest, I would have avoided any thread even vaguely about Star Wars until I saw it, and wouldn’t have opened this one. But it was still a dick move.

Dude, everyone knows that half the country has seen it, and most of the other half plan to. Every social event I’ve been to in the last two weeks has started with someone stating whether or not he’s seen Star Wars, and other people chiming in, and with the topic changing to something else after someone says “I plan to see it on the 4th”, or whatever.

You were a complete asshole. Own it and apologize.

As for “why wouldn’t someone who wants to see it unspoiled see it right away?” Let me let you in on a secret. Grown ups have a lot going on in their lives, and have learned some measure of patience, and often (this might shock you) PLAN IN ADVANCE to do something fun at a particular time that fits into the other stuff they need to or want to do. And most of us have decent friends and family who can hold off on spoiling stuff. One of my Facebook friends just couldn’t bear holding it in, so you know what he did? He created an opt-in Facebook group JUST FOR TALKING ABOUT STAR WARS, WITH SPOILERS, so he can chat with all his friends who have seen it without spoiling the show for friends who haven’t seen it. Because, you know, grown up.

I saw it Christmas Eve, and the theater was comfortably full, with all but the worst seats taken. But we’d bought assigned seating tickets in advance, so we had great seats. It was a good time to see it. We all managed to avoid spoilers, and there are enough other people who have seen it that there are plenty of people to chat with about it.

I’m totally missing something here - but let me first say totally upfront, if somebody asks me not to “spoil*” a movie - then I’ll keep quiet out of respect for their wishes.

However I don’t see it as particularly “grown-up” to be so invested about whether or not you learn something about the plot of a movie before seeing it.

Frankly, I see it as more childish than anything else.

  • I don’t even like the phrase - knowing something about the plot doesn’t “spoil” a movie