I Am Disease Free

Just got a call from my doctor, all my VD and STD tests came back negative!!! WooHoo!!!

For those of you thinking bad of me, I am not a someone who goes around having casual sex or what not. In fact I haven’t even done it since my wife left me.

I thought I had something because awhile back I noticed something on my “private parts” that caused me concern. Just before my wife left me she had been with someone else and I thought that maybe she got something from him and gave it to me. I went to the doctor about two weeks ago to get tested after wrestling with denial for about three months.

Thank God I went. Now I can stop worrying about that and go with my life. WooHoo!!!

Remember back in the old days, if you got the clap, and you thought it was just the worst thing that could happen to you?

Now, if you get diagnosed with it, the response is usually “Phew!”

Just curious, though…“casual sex or what not”…how do you do “what not”? :smiley:

Congrats, Amp. That must be a big relief. And I didn’t think badly of you for one moment. :slight_smile:

deja vu…I just replied to a thread just like this…I’m tripping tripping tripping…whoa…the beautiful colors…I am the walrus…