I am evil!

And I can prove it.

My brother is someone who gets a question and stops at nothing–nothing–until he finds the answer. He won’t flag or fail, he won’t ever give up, he won’t ever surrender or admit defeat until he has that knowledge in his hands.

So, naturally, I ask him:

“What are the three words in the English language ending in -gry?”

Last I saw of him, he was rifling through the dictionary. Oooh, he’s gonna hate me for this. :smiley:

The Forbidden Riddle! :eek:

The poor soul. I hope he is not too tormented by the demon that is the “-gry” riddle.

Hopefully he Googles it first.

After he reads the whole dictionary, tell him you tried that, too – but without success. Suggest that he tries the phone book. :smiley:

I am definitely evil. Once, not so long ago, I went to a movie. On leaving the movie a small child gripped his mother by the arm, pointed at me me and proclaimed “Look - the Devil!!”

Seriously? Colour me impressed. We should get together for an evil chat over evil cold beer, or something.

You didn’t tell it right.

Did too. :stuck_out_tongue: Whaddya mean?

Seriously. I have that sort of Trent Reznor thing going on. And I dress in black, and I had fairly obvious facial piercings.

In other news: I am always up for a beer!

You, me, a cold brewski, the nearest bar–capishe? :wink:

You mean real beer? Like the stuff I miss (living here)? Mmmmmm


I read the words, but they just don’t form any meaning. Cold beer, evil, cold beer, evil, nah can’t be.

Next, you should send your brother to find words that rhyme with orange.

You know, given some of the other posts about evilness on the boards in the last few months, we could probably get some sort of Evil Conspiracy going.

I get to be in charge of Evil IT and Evil Henchperson Recruiting.
[sub]Paging Mr Gates. Paging Mr Gates. Would Mr Gates please pick up the black courtesy telephone when our cringing minion presents it to him?[/sib]

…evil coding…
:: sob ::

You sure you thought this one out fully, Kythereia? Allow me to present a possible flow of events:

  1. Kythereia presents bother with -gry question.
  2. Brother flips through dictionary for awhile – finds take too daunting. Decides to Google answer.
  3. Finds answer at www.straightdope.com.
  4. Spends a few more hours reading site – decides site is the be-all and end-all of human knowledge.
  5. Discovers message board associated with site.
  6. Registers and coughs up dough.
  7. Becomes source of knowledge, wit and wisdom, valued and respected by Dopers worldwide.
  8. Replaces Kythereia on the SDMB as favorite member of Kythereia’s family.

Just saying…you might wanna think these things through next time. :wink:

The riddle should go:

“Think of words that end in GRY. Angry and hungry are two of them. There are only three words in the English language. What’s the third word? It’s something that people use every day.”

And, of course, the answer is “language”. “Language” is the third word in “the English language”, and is used every day. What makes it a joke is that everyone tries to think of a third common word that ends in GRY, when of course, no such word exists, and they’ve been tricked.

Ah, but the question is “words in the English language ending in -gry,” not “common words…”.

There are, incidentally, five of them, but I of course have no way of conveying that information to Brothereia.

Five of them?! Like three wasn’t bad enough!

Here’s the Word Detective’s answer: