I am going to p!ss off 319 million Americans...

When I win the $1.4 billion Powerball lottery on Wednesday :smiley:

Canadians are apparently going nuts buying tickets. Will this start an international incident if a foreigner wins???

If you give me 5 million, I’ll have your back.

Let’s avoid an ugly incident. I’ll split it with you.

ETA: **Euphonious Polemic **is offering a better deal, but I still want half.


Its getting bigger!!! http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/jackpot-hits-dollar15-billion-in-us-lottery-record/ar-CCrGO2?li=AAggNb9

You Americans are obscene!!! :slight_smile:

Have you ever had a “hole in one” playing golf?

I just read an article that says winning this Powerball is less likely than having two “holes in one” in your lifetime.


Well jokes on you Charlie. In Mario Golf I have done that before!

Still not sure about the tax implications though. As a foreigner how much will I have to pay?

Does that take into account that holes-in-one are not uncorrelated events? Someone who makes the first one is more likely to be a good golfer, and someone who’s a good golfer is more likely to make the second one.

Aussie Aussie Aussie! We’re in on the action! I bought my ticket last night. Do you know how many boomerangs I could buy for $1.5 billion? Crikey!

Well, according to a news article I read, there might be a complication if a Canuck wins.

I read that earlier today. Despite that being on par to the law about bringing Kinder Surprises into the US (ie batsh!t insane) I think there would be enough workarounds to figure it out.

I would think so. A lot of Canadian hate anyways and deservedly so. To be honest when I heard about this, the first thought that came to my mind is I hope it’s not some Canadian that wins. I mean come on, we have 50 million dollar lotto’s often enough is that not enough ?

Calling it now: some Canadian is going to win, he’s going to be a chain smoking 75 year old recovering from quadruple heart bypass who’s vacationing in Florida.

I hear ya. It’s like when a Quebecer wins Lotto Max up here :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what SHE said!!!

120%. You may just as well give me your tickets.
No, I have no cite. Why do you ask?

You could buy even more sticks (just like a boomerang but they don’t come back).

I’m surprised they even let foreigners play/win. Has it always been that way? Do you buy the tickets at a local gas station or do you have to like, mail order them or something? If we can get away with having an international lotto run by the U.S. Gov, they should be capitalizing on that more. Imagine if everyone on the planet bought a ticket - bam, $14 billion pot instantly!

Not sure about the lottery, but this American is just glad you self-censored the word “piss”. It would have been awful for you to say the word “piss” on the internet, so I’m glad you didn’t.

I think of the children.