I am half out of debt! Woo hoo!

I took the money from my dad’s bequest and paid off my lower interest credit card the other day. The payment posted today and I transferred the balance from the higher interest card just now. Not only is over half my debt paid off, but I’m saving about 8% on the APR, the balance transfer was at no fee, I’ll only have one payment per month instead of two and I can put more toward that payment. And, both cards had lower balances on them than I thought so I still have a few hundred dollars left from the bequest.

Trust me, you’ll feel even better when you clear all balances. :cool:

Yay! Now, treat yourself to something nice with $100 or so.

So…does this mean we’re not gonna party in Vegas? ::sniffle::

Congrats on paying down your debt. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Otto! Good luck with the rest of your debt!