I am having an internet identity crisis!!!

So I need a change…or do I? My current email is karp2381@blah blah blah. But I can’t decide wether or not to keep it like this. My first name is Ryan, but my new gmail account needs 6 or more charecters. What do I do? Keep the Karp2381, or create something new? I need some serious help with this issue.

(The 2381 is my b-day, and it was and still is my original AOL IM name from the Mid 90’s, but I think a fresh face might be good on my new “permanant email”)


Is yesterdog taken? That would be a cool email address, way better than karp2381. Karp2381 sucks donkey balls.

I should have added I want a sense of professionalism in there. I’d hate to have to put yesterdog@gmail.com in a resume.

Here is the million dollar question:

What is (a) yesterdog?

Oh. I see. How about misterbigshotfancypants@gmail.com? Is that professional enough for you?


Man, the whole joy of having a gmail beta account is that you can get an account name without a bunch of appended numbers.

Use your name, if you want a “professional” looking free e-mail account.

Using “Karp” for a faux surname: (I guess)


That’s what you want, fella.

“Yesterdog” makes me think of summers gone by. (dog/day)

Isn’t it the line that comes before “All my troubles seemed so farawog”?

Ahg, I caved. I settled with karp2381@gmail.com

I figured I’ve been using that forever (litterally 10 + years running) so it would be the easiest. Still a bit proff, but at the same time, has a sense of internet anonymity (sp?)

But, no one has even came close to what is (a) yesterdog? One hint: American Pie

The numbers have meaning…hence original dilema.

Just think of the trouble I’m going to have naming my kid(s).

I still have no idea, but every time I see '“yesterdog” I start humming that Stevie Wonder song (“yesterme, yesteryou, yesterday”)… :cool:

Woops, did I mean karp2381? I meant ryankarp. ADD cometh…