I am here to apologize

I know a lot of people are going to flame me for this, but this is an honest, sincere apology.

I have acted badly in the past and I promise to try and mend my ways. I don’t promise I’ll be perfect, I just promise I will try to avoid those posting habits that have gotten me flamed (and people extremely pissed) in the past.

I confess to having had a sock, which I will not mention the name of, since said sock has been banned.

I have emailed TubaDiva and offered a short explanation, though I expect her answer to be short and sweet, followed by a banning.

I know most of you think I’m nothing but a drama queen and an attention whore and you’re right…smack on in fact. I am trying to change that but it won’t be easy. Habits are hard to break, especially bad habits like those.

I have listened to some of the advice offered by others in past threads and cut out some of my ‘non-necessities’ (such as cable and DSL…we’re using a free AOL account given to hubby at work) to help save money. I have also attempted (futilely it seems) to find another job, one which I like better, but so far the job search goes badly and without success. But I am trying.

That’s all I can do. I can apologize, own up to my past offenses and try to do better and hope that it’s enough.

It doesn’t get much better than that. I haven’t kept up with your posts or habits in posting, but if folks can’t accept your apology, given clearly, concisely and seemingly sincerely, then too bad for them. I hope you will get another chance.

I hope so too, Baker, but honestly, I’m hoping for the best but expecting the absolute Pit-worthy worst.


I was under the impression that it was the user that got banned, not just the sock. Because socking is a violation of board policy.


Hope your lifestyle comes together. Really.

The sock may have been undetected (until this admission) and got banned for other reasons.

Perhaps the unsought confession will help.

One time back in college, when I was in a depression, I cheated on a test by prewriting some formulas on the face of my calculator. It was even my favorite class and professor. I failed the test anyway, but felt so guilty about what I had done I went to the professor and told him about it, saying I preferred a zero just so I could get what I had done off my conscience. He told me he appreciated what I had done, and that he would deal with it. What happened is that instead of averaging all ten of the classes test grades, for me he averaged the nine, leaving the one test out of the equation. I ended up getting a better class grade by confessing that if I had not.

It has happened that banned posters are allowed back after a period of time. Keep your fingers crossed.

Forgive my ignorance.

What’s a sock?

a sock is when you have more then one account you post under. That way you can agree with yourself, attack people you hate, do bannable things all the while your ‘real’ name doesn’t get dirty.

They are a bannable offense on here. I wonder if admiting it up front and apologizing for it will get you some leeway. Somehow I doubt it.

I’ve often wondered about this…If having a sock is a bannable offence, then the moderators must have some way of detecting if you are using one. In which case there’d be no point in bowsahoc’s suggestion would there?

When I first started here I created a sock (before I knew it was frowned on). I had the idea that I would post as a man, and see if people’s reactions were any different. But I thought better of it and never used it (honest).

Anyway, good luck, MetalMaven, sock it to 'em!

Sorry if I can’t join in on the love fest here. But I’ve heard it all before. You already changed your name once to get a new start, and then went right back to the same old routine.

One of my favorite movie lines is from an old cult favorite Harold and Maude. Ruth Gordon, as Maude, says, “Everybody has a right to make an ass of themselves from time to time” – or something of that nature.

Don’t forget to forgive yourself too!

If you haven’t done so already, you might want to e-mail an Admin and let one of them know your sock’s name. They’ll probably want to get that taken care of.

So, then, are you really pregnant with that ‘damn kid’, or was that a farce too?

Please take SkipMagic’s advice ASAP, mrsface.

Cajun Man ~ SDMB Moderator

And what if you have a cable modem and have two people in the house who both have accounts?

I’ve removed your post intheblink. Do not suggest ways of circumventing our rules.

Cajun Man ~ SDMB Moderator

Magayuk, good question. If you share a computer or ISP, that there could be some confusion.

Recently (though right this second I can’t remember who) a father and son got temporarily, mistakenly banned for sock-puppetry. Lot’s of Dopers share computers and it’s not usually an issue. In fact, I can usually tell by tone and can often identify Dopers by tone, style and content. Occasionally someone forgets to logout, so you’ll see “oh, sorry that was really Me posting, not OtherUser” posts.

It seems that when problems come up it’s usually when there is other questionable behaviour on the go. Then the mod’s pay more attention. e.g. If I got into a particulalry nasty, ugly Pit thread and started getting really abusive, and Sniffs_Markers suddenly appeared posting and behaving in the same way (quite uncharacteristically), the mods may conclude that Markers was a sock-puppet.

Shoot! Cajun please delete my quote! That was accidental I hit the “quote” button instead of the “reply.”

Ah, thanks!

My girlfriend and I post (DSL, not cable), it’s never been a problem. Though she posts so seldom, I doubt it’s even noticed.