I am here to apologize

We don’t check every account! Usually I only check if someone has some suspicious behavior…if I think that they might be a returning troll, for instance. Several trolls have certain patterns that they always use, hot button topics, etc. I’m not going to go into specifics. I try to look over the new registrations and weed out the ones that look like trouble. For instance, if someone chooses a name with “shit” or “fuck” in the userid, I will not allow registration. I don’t write to the offender and tell them why registration didn’t go through, either. I figure that the person is trying to be as offensive as possible, and I’m not playing along.

Oh, and just for general information…if someone posts a commercial link, or a “Please vote for my artwork in this contest” link, or anything like that in one of his/her first posts…that person gets banned, and I generally won’t lift the ban.

Actually, when I first joined up, Alias wound up starting a Pit Thread under my username. She realized what she’d done, logged in as herself, and posted an apology. No bannings ensued. You have to really act suspicious to get in trouble for it.

Maven - Nicely done on the apology.

Does “commerical link” refer to any link to a business site or just a link used as an advertisement?

Since I Dig Bad Boys/80sHairMetalMaven/ChocolateJesus are/is no longer with us . . . I see no reason to continue this thread.

Take heed folks . . . when we say “no socks” (one and only one username) we mean it.

Cajun Man ~ SDMB Moderator