I'm sorry

I want to apologize to anyone I’ve offended with my threads/posts, for lying, making false threads and pretending to be someone i’m clearly not, for being rude and ruining all the fun for everyone with my disrespectful posts. I also want to apologize for making a mockery of the Asians with my inflammatory posts. I have nothing against Asians and was not trying to be racist by any means. What I did was not right and am hoping that you all would be able to forgive me. I’ve done some reflecting and feel so ashamed and am willing to accept full responsibility for my actions. Once again, I am so sorry.

Well, I for one have no idea who you are or what you’ve done.

Even checking his recent posts gives no clues - either parody or accidental sock outing?

It’s indicative of what’s been going on lately that I immediately checked the join date. No idea what the OP is going on about. Entertaining meltdown over here, though.

I feel bad for the OP… not because of what he’s done and his apology, but because no one even cares or knows him!

I curious about him taking full responsibility for his actions. What will this entail?

Just piling on to the “no idea who the OP is/what this is about” theme. :slight_smile:

Reported as possible sockpuppet for Greenslime1951

Here I was just minding my own business when … ooops, I appear to have fallen into a rabbithole.

My goodness, it certainly is odd in here.
Down down down…

“Do cats eat bats? Do bats eat cats?”

It’s ok. I don’t think anyone believed you are an English teacher. And who said you are ruining all the fun? This whole shebang definitely falls somewhere in between meh and mildly entertaining.

As a proud parent of two Asian children, I feel I can somewhat represent “the Asians”. We accept your apology and welcome you back…despite having no idea what you did or are talking about.

I think he’s Step Nining and has worked his way down to making amends to people he doesn’t specifically remember offending, but has some vague recollection that he did.

Aw, it’s OK OP; I’ve already, er, forgotten it. No worries.

You mean “So solly. Honolable tloll not mean to offend China-men”, don’t you?

Well, I for one do NOT accept slm2955’s apology, and shall refuse to do so until such time as someone lets me know what he/she is apologizing for.

(My niece is from China, so I know what I’m talking about.)

Do you know how many posts are made to this board in a day? How many threads are visited by how many posters? You’d have to do something pretty blatant-fucking bad to make even a ripple.

Tell us who you were and what you did so we can be mad or whatever and move on to the apology.

p.s. I studied Mandarin for a year in college and I’m hoping the Asians hold off on the forgiving until they know more about you.

Well this threadgives us a clue about the kind of person slm is.

So, yeah, moving on. Attention here only feeds his/her needs.

I’m so not a he

For being disrespectful

aw thanks