I am in *such* a bad mood

This doesn’t really have anything to do with anyone, but Christ, i just need to have a rant and swear out loud (well, sort of).

I fucking hate Mondays. I fucking hate being a lowest-of-the-low temp in a fucking pointless company where everyone takes themselves and their job so fucking seriously. I’m not here to “ease their workload” like i’m supposed to, i’m here to do all the shitty jobs that no one else wants to do. Type in 10,000 meaningless 6-digit numbers? Get Fran to do it. Push small bits of plastic into small metal plates for so long that your fingers go numb and hurt? Get Fran to do it. Produces completely fucking meaningless reports and charts to chart the non-existant progress of a bunch of fucking monkeys who wouldn’t recognise a brain if it came up to them said “Hello, i’m a brain and people use me to think”? Get Fran to do it.

I have an honours degree that i worked hard for. I have a boyfriend i love dearly. I like reading. I think. I am capable of having a normal conversation. I’m a human being. Treat me with a bit of fucking respect.


Sorry!! I hope it gets better, or you can quit and find a better job! I’ve been there!

My first job, with my shiny new university diploma, was making pizzas at Pizza Hut (boss was a moron high-school dropout, who I hope is still there!!).

[Office Space voice] Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays! [/Office Space voice]


Do we happen to work in the same place? I swear, there are at least a half dozen people at my job that probably fit this description.

I feel for ya. My boss at times treats me like a 5 year old, constantly reminding me what my job is. Never mind the fact that I am 52 years old and have been doing the same job now for about 7 years. My opinion is that he needs to find a job that he can do, because the one he is doing right now is not it.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes… been there…

“Steve!” <sound of 2000 page manual hitting desk> “Photocopy this!”

“Steve! Just nip out and count all the cars in the car park!”

“Steve! Stand in the middle of the busy road, just past the blind bend, holding a dirty great measuring pole!”

Yes indeedy. That was a long time ago, now. It does get better. Eventually.

(or so I’m told).


At least you don’t have to work with Clare White or with her fucking mental boss, tits & teeth, serial killer bloke or the little whore serving stupid people in a stupid shop!

But then again neither do I!!!