I am in the chest-hair shaving "sour spot"

So I shave my chest which is practically required in the Florida heat. If I don’t, I am extremely hirsute, moreso than most others especially compared to my weak mustache-growing ability.

But I have been lax the past month or so and I am overdue especially with the summer coming on. I have been itching under the collar for the past week. (And I know that it’s not just a placebo, too, because I recall that before I started shaving I was itchy under the collar and I didn’t know why!)

But next week is a gathering I will go to, one of the few chances for me to get lucky the whole year. And while women’s preferences vary, some liking a cleaner chest while others tending toward more bearish attraction, what I’m sure most of them don’t like to rub up against is chest stubble.

So it looks like I’m gonna have to be itchy for the next week :mad:

The answer is Head and Shoulders. Besides stopping itching on the noggin, it helps in other hairy places, I use it on my beard daily, if I don’t the itching can drive me crazy.

Denorex Dandruff Shampoo, the stuff with the tar oil, will burn a bit but might help the itching problem drastically.

Not regular Head & Shoulders, but “intensive treatment.” It’s the one in the dark blue container.

My butt itches sometimes, and it is also hairy. Do you think I should put some on there?

Have you tried Nair, by chance? Dunno how it would do on your chest but at least it wouldn’t come back as sharp stubble. (For the love of all that’s good, do a test patch ahead of time first, before doing this.)

I would suggest waxing as another not-sharp stubble option but I guess that scene in The 40-Year Old Virgin would be a big discouragement for doing it.