I am incredibly embarassed by our president's rude and disrespectful behavior

I can only hope to god that this ignorant jackass is out of office ASAP and can go back to his ranch in Texas and live in the ignorant and crude manner to which he is accustomed. AND, the next president can bring our troops home before thousands of our young men are killed in this senseless war. For the billions we have spent and will spend we could have bribed thousands and found all the terriorists we wanted, and without advertising it so they had time to hide. He has so totally embarassed our wonderful country, put us in debt again, and exposed us to more danger by alienating countries who used to be our friends.


I agree.

Note to self: do not invite Bush to Ottawa during the tulip festival.

Apparently Bush also brought his own chefs to the palace. :rolleyes:

Wonder if Tony Blair will finally stop supporting Bush as a result?

Going to war with Iraq: Stupid
Going to war with Iraq and then pulling all our troops back after an election: Suicidally stupid

There are things worse than being an arrogant power monger, and that is being an arrogant power monger coward that doesn’t finish what it starts. Even Dean wouldn’t do that if elected.

Oh, please. You’re acting as though Bush were personally and directly responsible for this faux pas. While this was an unfortunate event, I think it’s premature to place the blame directly on Bush’s shoulders.

Now, if you have first-hand knowledge that Bush knew all the details of his landing arrangements in advance, that’s another matter. If you know that Bush knew in advance that his Secret Service people would be trampling on the exotic plants, that’s another matter. Somehow, I doubt that you are privy to such knowledge.

Mind you, I’m not defending Bush. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t be quick to blame him personally for this disaster.

I know that some of you will say that a leader is responsible for his underlings. That is certainly true – up to a point. A leader cannot be held for every single detail of what his underlings do, though. A leader must often delegate tasks to some of his people, and I rather doubt that Bush handled the landing arrangements personally.

The basic reason why this broke was: Those “horrendus” protests were so lackluster and insipid, the press had to shift to dumber things.

Wow, it was a mutual agreement to go to Britian not an invasion. Something bad and replacable happened. Grow up.

Awwww. Those poor flamingos. Perhaps we can get them some therapy. Just send the bill to the White House. :rolleyes:

Seeing as Bush was invited as a guest, and that the Queen et al knew and approved of all the security measures needed to make his trip a safe one, it’s a bit wankish to then complain about a mashed-up lawn and some traumatised flamingoes.

What did you expect? That he and the missus would land at Gatwick then catch a cab to visit the Queen?

Mind you, I still think Bush is a knob and an embarrassment in general to all Merkins, but I don’t see his actions here as being either rude or disrespectful.

Oh, Her Majesty is in a dither. The royal flamingos are in a state! Egads! ::snicker!::

…so what’s new? Bush has been embarrassing me since about a month after 9/11.

I suppose it’s better than vomiting all over Her Majesty.

I’m sure Georgie boy was piloting the chopper. I’m sure he just decided to land in an unauthorized spot. I’m sure the British government knew nothing of his plan to land in the garden.


Fucking PLANTS people!

The Mirror? Could we get a more reliable cite, like maybe The Sun? At least then I could peruse the page 3 girl.

I can understand the queen being pissed off. If someone came and ruined my mothers gardens (which really are beautiful), she’d do nothing short of have them killed.

In case the US posters don’t know, The Mirror (and The Sun, The Star and The Sport) is noted for the quality of its journalism about as often as Fox news or the Superman comics are.

Oooooh, do you think we could do that? Generally speaking I’m against the death penalty, but I’d pay good money to see Bush publically beheaded. I’d bring my knitting and everything!

(IT WAS A JOKE! IT WAS A JOKE!!! Please stop looking at me at like that…)

So you are saying Lex Luther wasn’t elected president?