I am looking for a material like flexible fiberglass tent poles for a crafts project.

I am looking for a material rather like flexible fiberglass tent poles for a crafts project. Tent poles will work. It might be cheaper if I can find the material without the manufactured ends and joints. [7mm dia and a meter long would be good. Longer would be better.] Do you know of any place that retails such stuff?

I used to get fiberglass flag poles for bikes for material like that. They’d be about 5 feet long and come with a red triangle flag attached. They use to be at the KMart or something like that but I haven’t seen them in years.

Here is one I found searching on ‘Bicycle Flag Pole’.

Driveway markers would be a possibility, if you don’t mind orange

they have plastic plant poles/steaks at home depot.

How many do you need, and is it okay if they’ve got the bungee-cord metal connector thingies that tentpoles have for popup tents? If so, we’re about to garage sale season and you could probably pick up tents with a missing pole or a torn tent for real cheap, just use the poles and toss the tents.

Home Depot. 4 ft long, 9.5 mm diameter. $2 each.

Also, Amazon has a ton of choices.

Sail battens, maybe?

Plastic plant stakes available almost everywhere are almost exactly the size you need and are “somewhat” flexible. Be aware they will not bend and recover as much as fiberglass poles.