I am not a rich person, Mr. Homeless Man!

Yester-day, while I was walking for my regular morning walk, I came a cross a homeless person. He was very dirty and smelled unwashed, as I’d expect people without proper washing facilities to be. He asked me for money, I said I had none.

He said that surely I’d have money of some sort, since I was washed and had clean clothes, that I must’ve been able to give him some change.

Most months I can barely make rent, and recently my diet’s been composed of Ramen, Ramen, and more Ramen. The nerve of some people!

I am sorry that this rant is weak!

Couldn’t you at least have offered the man a drink? Some drugs, perhaps?

Even the homeless have basic needs, you see. A handjob would most probably have been appreciated as well but nooooo, you decided not to help your brother in times of trouble. Monster.

A handjob, I could give. If he wanted it. :wink: Handjobs are free.

But did you even offer?

No, I did not offer.

Bricker are you suggesting i offer sexual favors to random derelicts, if so, you’re crazy!

Sorry to hijack this thread away from sexual favours for the homeless, but I feel the same way, Never. My husband and I are both unemployed right now, and we’re paying our bills with our credit cards. I think we all know how healthy that is financially. Just because I still have a roof over my head doesn’t mean that I’m rich and can throw my money around. Yes, I appreciate that we are much better off than homeless people; I’m just saying that they can’t judge us by our looks anymore than we can judge them. And if I have a wild splurge and buy myself a sub for lunch instead of taking a sandwich from home like I do 99.9% of the time, that also doesn’t mean that I’m rich. Don’t look at the sub in my hand, then me, and act like I’m a hypocrite for not giving you any of my (borrowed) money. Come to think of it, maybe we’re not that much better off than homeless people. How many of them are $200 000 in debt?

You know what they say: Two random messageboard members can’t be wrong.

The moral of the story is that even when you cannot offer monetary dispensation, the least you can lend is a hand.

Support the “Handjobs for the Homeless” foundation. Hand relief is better than no relief. Et cetera.

holy shit 200 000?

Point taken, hijack over.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather owe $200.000 than having to sleep on the streets and cleaning or “newspapering” people’s windshields for change.

Come to think of it, I’ve actually borrowed money from a homeless friend of mine but I can’t really compare the homeless here to your homeless…

Sorry about the handjob thing, I blame Bricker for encouraging (sp?) me.

Tell him that you just spent your last $4.95 for a subscription to a message board.

By the way, I’m over $250,000 in debt. Does a mortgage count?


Hey, get off my tit! You’re just ripping off the Give A Fuck Foundation, you sonofabitch!

I don’t want to give offense to anyone, but often when these guys pass through subway trains in NY I happen to be the only white person on the train, and they hover over me like I must be the richest person there. Suuuuure. I’m a sporadically employed temp who’s taking the el to the Bronx, not the more expensive express bus or commuter rail, and my coat is five years old and frayed at the bottom and the less said about my shoes the better. Nice going. Happens with white bums too.

And oh yeah, sorry about the AIDS, hope the leukemia you had three days ago cleared up.

I may just be too overly sensitive today, but is some of this coming across as condescending to homeless people? I might be the only one reading it that way and if it isn’t intended (if that’s the case, I humbly apologize), then please disregard what I’m about to say. However, I just feel that folks in this position, for whatever the reason, deserve compassion because that life truly has to be hell.

I can’t imagine anything but wanting to help and feeling really awful for them. I could, pending my imminent circumstances getting worse, see myself in their shoes.

Hope I’m not the only one who thinks this way and I’ll soon be described as some over-the-top PC wacko nutjob. 'Course, that may be worse than some things I’ve been called in the past. :eek:

Anyway, to reiterate, I’m really simply curious and hoping not to offend anyone in my inquiry. My heart goes out to all of us that are broke, wherever we may be.

I most (not all) cases, giving them money doesn’t really help. It reinforces that they can make a living (such that it is) by begging.

In any event what is being pitted isn’t homeless asking for spare change, it’s a begger getting indignant when someone doesn’t give them change. It’s a begger making assumptions about the person’s ability to give.


Thanks then Haj. I really was off on my reading comprehension. I appreciate being put straight.

It seems like you could at least give the beggar $5. After all, if you can afford to post, you can afford to feed hungry people.

You are an ass, dude. Get off your fucking high horse about the whole $5 issue already. Jesus.

Perhaps we should turn the Philster on to the homeless dude about developing his creditworthiness and everything will work out just fine ;). New to these boards so dont quite know how to insert links from other threads, but see IMHO under Credit Repair. I can Pit here tho right? :wink:

It might be just $5 for you, but for some people it’s all they have. So you’re a meany. What about giant sentient squids? They can’t even speak a human language or use a keyboard. You don’t even seem to care about them.

I only care about giant sentient squids if they have a prior deed to my house…