I am not feeling well, but I am hungry. What should I eat?

I have had an upset stomach all day, and have not eaten since this morning, but now I am starving. Nothing sounds edible, but I need to eat. What do you dopers suggest munching on when you are sick?

Soup or bouillon, toast with just a hint of jam, or my old standby- a Filet-o-Fish from McDonald’s. It’s so practically tasteless and benign, yet satisfies as a quick something if you feel nauseous.

Chicken broth. Which can, in a pinch, be obtained by heating up some Campbell’s and draining out the liquid into a cup. Accompanied, if you feel brave, by a test nibble on a saltine. You’ll notice this is high sodium, but it has worked for me.

I keep a jar of applesauce in the cupboard for just such occasions. It’s the one thing I can eat when I can’t eat anything else.

Of couse, this jar remains perennially unopened, as I also keep an industrial-sized bottle of antacid in the medicine cabinet.

Hope you feel better soon. :slight_smile:

Good quality, preferably microbrew ginger ale. Ginger is well known to settle a tossing belly. Follow with saltine crackers or toast, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, order some good chicken noodle soup as take out.
There, there. <fluffs your pillow>
Do you want to watch cartoons or I Love Lucy?

Oh, chix noodle soup sounds good… I think I have some!
The Filet-o-Fish sounds nauseating. Maybe chix nuggets…

Toast, lightly toasted. That always gets my appetite back.

Plain, salty stuff like crackers or pretzels, peppermint or ginger in various forms, and certain sodas are my best standbys. I have a lot of experience in nausea :(.
Hope you’re feeling well soon. Queasy sucks.

Saltine crackers, which I hate, so I usually go with the somewhat tastier Ritz or Club crackers. Any are good for when you have an upset stomach. Plain, white foods work well – lightly toasted bread, a little pasta without sauce. Also drink Gatorade, in case you’re losing fluids from either end.



Slides down the throat, hardly any effort involved in preparation, filling and tasty.

Flat coca-cola.

Another vote for toast. Skip the jam though.

If you have an upset stomach, you should be on the BRAT diet - Bread, Rice, Applesauce, or Toast. Nothing greasy, nothing containing milk, nothing spicy.

A little Coke might help, too.

Yes, exactly. The only time I eat toast is when I’m ill. And I add butter.


My mother swears by raw celery for upset stomach, which seems to actually work for me.

Good suggestion. Jello also has a side benefit: depending on which kind you eat, you get a rainbow of colors if you happen to throw it up.

Maybe a milkshake? Tasty and soothing.

Toast. Crackers. Soup. Soup *and *crackers.

Saltines work well for me when I feel ill. Bland and salty and easy to eat.

Wendy’s Frosty is also a go-to for me. Cools and coats my stomach. It’s a necessity if I have a hangover. I dunno if there’s any actual dairy in it, but I’ve never had dairy issues so that’s not a problem for me. YMMV.