I am officially an old fart

A few months ago when my wife was shopping for a new car, the aforementioned granddaughter kept telling her she should get one of those small Buick SUV/crossovers. We patiently explained to her that, despite what she sees on TV commercials, only old farts drive Buicks. She didn’t believe us, so every time I see an old person driving a 90’s vintage Buick I make sure I point it out to her. :smiley:

I recently wondered how young people are going to be able to hold down jobs when they can’t stay off their hand held devices for two minutes.

And then I thought “Damn, I’m old.”

Oddly ironic, since it was employers who started this whole thing by passing out Blackberry devices to low level support staff with the expectation that they keep them on their persons and turned on 24/7. Before then hardly anybody had PDAs or other data-enabled mobiles.

This happens to me occasionally. Whenever I signal (indicate) and make the turn, then the other signal starts flashing, almost always.

I cheerfully take advantage of all the senior discounts I can get. It amuses me no end that someone as young as me can be in his 60s and getting these discounts. :slight_smile:

And Chinese people. Buicks sell like hotcakes in China. Truthfully, I’ve driven them a few times and they make a nice vehicle.

I do recall that the Regal always got some decent respect in the auto magazines.

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They can work the warehouse at my current client. When they were given their handheld “IR guns with little screen”, workers joked that the preloaded game was pretty shit.

Here’s how to tell if you’re an Old Fart.

If you fall down in public and people point and laugh, you’re not an Old Fart. If they all run over and offer help, you ARE an Old Fart!

I used to work at a company that made those. They had Tetris on them, hidden in some sub-menu or other… :slight_smile:

It may not be you, it may be the car.

My policy with cars has always been “drive 'em 'til they drop.” With each car, the annoying sound of the turn signal has faded away in its later years, so unless you notice the blinking light on the dash, it’s easy to be oblivious to the fact that your blinker’s on.

I was reminded of that not too long ago when I bought a new Civic in 2016. It’s impossible not to notice that the turn signal’s on unless you put in earplugs. But I couldn’t hear the turn signal at all in the 2000 Accord it replaced.

I sometimes take the DASH (downtown area shuttle) when I’m getting to work from the train station. Recently, a young girl got up and offered me her seat when I found there was standing room only. I think I aged thirty years in that moment.

At least she offered. Most people here studiously avoid making eye contact with you.

I knew a woman in her 70s with a rag top, though it was silver, not red. Yeah, you did not want to be behind her. Or to the side of her. Or in front of her. Or parked near her, judging by all the dings she got that she claimed were caused by other drivers.

Another reason not to be near her in a parking lot: She claimed the car was too low for her to get out of. She’d ask random strangers to help her up. If that stranger was male and good-looking, they’d get the added benefit of being flirted with, low-cut blouse showing off far too much wrinkled cleavage to boot.

I also knew a woman in her 90s with a Buick. I trusted her behind the wheel a heck of a lot more.

Feel old yet?

I let slip and called a waitress, “Dear,” today, and she did not get upset. It’s over.

A guy down the street who is in his 70s just bought a black 2015 Challenger Hemi. Beautiful condition and a bad mo-fo. Haven’t seen him drive it yet.

One day I was at the post office and an older lady asked me for help as she couldn’t get her car in park. She kept turning on the windshield wipers and spraying the windshield with water:confused:. Then it hit me she must have mentally jumped back to when the older cars had the gear shift to the rear/side of the steering wheel, I pointed to the one between the car seats, in front of the cup holders, we both had a good laugh and she seemed very embarrassed.

When people call me Mr. Lastname, I always turn around looking for my Father!

I heard that a lot of older people are buying cars like the Charger, Challenger, Mustang, Camaro, etc because they have larger doors and they’re easier to get in and out of?

It drives me crazy when I get stuck behind some old fart driving a muscle car and going 10 mph under the speed limit!