I am officially an old fart

Yesterday I took a vacation day at work to kid-sit my granddaughter. We were out running some errands and on the way home I realized I had been driving the last few miles with my left blinker on. :smack:

At least I wasn’t driving 15 mph in the left lane the whole time.

Damn, I was an old fart by the time I was 20, apparently.

It surprises me how many new cars apparently don’t have turn signals. I guess those lights on the front of the car are just for looks.
God, I sound like an old person.

ETA, you’re not an old fart, everyone else is a young whippersnapper.

The weather has been really nice here, so I drive home from work with the car windows open. It’s noisy. I can’t hear my turn signals clicking. Dammit.

Yeah, I went several miles flashing left. On the other hand, it was down a country road without a lot of turnoffs - surely whoever followed me figured it out pretty quickly.

Last summer (or was it the summer before that?) I actually yelled at a kid to get off my lawn. He and his family walk past my house every day and apparently he didn’t like my zombie gnomes and would run onto the lawn to knock them down. He was only maybe 5 and I felt bad afterwards, but I just do not abide people, of any age, messing with my gnomes!

You’re not an old fart until you don the “Go Faster!” hat.

I figured I’m an old fart now. I’m halfway to 70! Dang, that’s old!

According to George Carlin, at 70, you officially become an “Old Fuck.”

Say what now?

Also Carlin:

“Y’ever get stuck behind a guy whose turn signal has been on for about eighty miles? And you’re thinkin’ to yourself, “Well, maybe he’s just a really cautious man. I’m not gonna pass him now, he may turn at any moment.” And later you discover he was driving around the world—to the left!”


Halfway to 70??? I’m old enough to be your mother, you whippersnapper!

Oh hey - it’s because they don’t signal, right? :smack:

Here’s an old fart story. Driving today, I pulled in behind an elderly woman in an elderly car. Attached proudly to her trunk was an embroidered, hand-made “bumper sticker” (cross-stitch it looked like). “I’m sorry for driving so close in front of you.” I can verify that she did drive below the speed limit.

The Pathfinder age chart for Humans gives the following;

35 Middle Age
53 Old
70 Venerable


I was called an old fart not 30 minutes ago by one of the local guys who dumpster dives for bottles and cans. Didn’t bother me that much.

You’re not an old fart until everything either dries up or leaks.

You need to buy a BMW…

Old farts drive old buicks. Right? Altho’ there’s a group of ladies that tool around Texarkana in legit sports cars. All red with rag tops. They are aged, I am not sure how old the ladies are. They wear big hats so it’s hard to see their faces.

You can ask for and get senior discount at Burger King if you look older than the counter girl’s mother, which can be as low as 39. So that is the age at which one becomes an old fart.

Some people call me “sir” and mean it. That is disturbing. :slight_smile:

Recently I had a box boy follow me out from the grocery store to my car and load my bags without being asked.