I am shocked - shocked - to know that dancing is going on...

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As a white male past middle age I am shocked to learn that the youngest Congresswoman used to dance on roof tops …
… and that some conservatives have a problem with this.

(I’d like to see videos of a few of our members of parliament dancing as well as Ms Ocasio-Cortez.)

It’s not that she’s dancing it’s that she apparently has friends. She clearly doesn’t belong in Congress.

Well, all I’m saying is that I don’t know of a single heavy drug addict who didn’t start by dancing somewhere.

And she danced on a rooftop “while in college”! What kind of politician actually went to an institution of higher learning?!?

I bet she can’t even harrumph properly.

We don’t need no EEE-leets in congress.

She did a dance video, and then she became part of the wave controlling congress. Maybe Blake Farenthold should take note.

To be fair, being caught on video dancing is also how we ended up with Courtney Cox. So there’s clearly a downside.

What kind of dour and unpleasant person would think that this video reflects badly on her?

Obviously the person who first posted this thinks it does. I guess it’s one more aspect of a right-wing mindset that I’ll never understand.

Isn’t dancing illegal in some rural towns? I saw a movie about that once…

As a card-carrying dour and unpleasant person, and one who has found plenty about her to criticize, this doesn’t even register. Someone is trying too hard and it’s embarrassing.

…where it is legal to play ‘Chicken’ with the slowest-moving tractors in the world, which is the exact metaphor for our currrent two-party system.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez may be as ill-informed, clueless, and benighted as her critics claim her to be, and she’d still be better than 98% of the representatives in Congress of either party. I don’t think she has a prayer of enacting any signifcant part of aome hypothetical ‘socialist’ agenda but I look forward to the recreational outrage over her by conservative malcontents and her erudite responses to their blatherings.


1.) That’s a very well produced video if it was done by college kids.

2.) I love AOC’s drive and ambition.

3.) She’s like ten different kinds of cute in that video. How could you NOT adore her after watching that?
I wonder if this was done by the same guy who did ad campaigns for Ted Cruz?

This is the break the McCain campaign has been waiting for…

I haven’t paid much attention to Ocasio-Cortez, but now I hate her for being energetic, confident, and attractive in college. What kind of monster is she?

I also just learned that she went by the nickname Sandy when she was a kid. And now she’s in Congress! :eek: What have we done?!

Sandy used to be so wholesome until she hooked up with John Travolta so some Summer Loving. Blame him, not her.

Oh my HECK! That video contains blatant copyright infringements–dance moves from that subversive “Breakfast Club” film! Early warning she is a party to efforts aimed at demolishing the stereotypes that make America great!

Just wait until they find David Hogg’s Risky Business dance video.

If that video of me in high school rapping about Odysseus ever comes to light, my political career is over.

(yes, it existed. Don’t know if it still does, but lord, I hope not.)