I am so gone on painkillers

Don’t get me wrong, It’s bliss. I don’t have to feel the pain of a broken rib. (Well, I still feel some pain, but it’s certainly not as bad as yesterday.) I just never thought that NSAIDs combined with narcotics could be this strong.

Ugh. I need to sleep (i.e. pass out) for a while.

  • s.e.

Scott, I’d say you certainly need to sleep for a while! But doing that while loopy on painkillers? Well, at least it gives your body time to heal while you sleep the sleep of the blissfully pain-reduced! :smiley: (I’d say “pain-free”, but I don’t think you’re anywhere near that stage yet)

A strong narcotic wallop is probably what your pain needs, though… so remember that the drugs are helpng! (though I can’ say the same for the lucidity of your dreams while looped out on them…)

so, Scott, just how much DO you plan on milking a crummy busted rib? :slight_smile:

Posting, posting, and posting. :wink:

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