I am so pissed at the principal and asst principal at my school!!!!

Yesterday my speach and theater group had a performance at the school. My girlfriend was really looking forward to seeing it.
She was on a field trip for an ecology class and they got back late, it had just started. The asst principal wouldn’t let them in to the performance and made them sit in a classroom until it was over.

After the performance I saw my girlfriend and asked her what she thought of the play, she, crying, told me she missed it and why. She really wanted to see it, it really meant a lot to her.

So after I hug my gf and tell her its ok and after she stops crying I go find the asst principal.

He told me a very reasonable reason why they couldn’t go in, he said that the bus arrived at the time of the last scene and that he didn’t want 80 people filing into the play. They got there at 10 of 2. He said that if there was a space between scenes he would’ve let them in, but he was unable to let them in because there wasn’t.

I went to go see my gf and to make it up to her we went out to the movies and hung out for the rest of the day. We happened to stop in the school again a few hours later to pick up some stuff (there was a sports thing going on so the place was open).

At the school the principal comes up to us and says “We couldn’t let you in because there wasn’t another space between scenes.”
I nodded and realized that the asst principal had told the principal of the conversation I had with him earlier. Although neither apologized, I did find it some comfort that they had at least given us a real reason she couldn’t come see it.

After I got home I found that someone left a copy of a tape of the play on my door. I was happy and decided to see how it went.

In the middle of one person’s line one of the class bells rang. That started me thinking… That bell was at 2:10. It’s the last bell of the day. It rang about 3 minutes into the last scene…

I did a little math, watched the play again and realized there wasn’t one, wasn’t two, but THREE spaces between scenes that the people could have come in (according to the acceptable situations that the asst principal said he would allow people in).

Then I realized that the asst principal went and told his idea for the lie to the principal. She saw us and immedietly told us the reason again (I guess to keep me quiet, we didn’t bring it up and I was apparantly the only one that complained).
This meant a lot to my gf, they weren’t the ones holding her when she was crying because she missed something she’s been looking forward to seeing me in for about 2 months.

Oh, and by the way, the principal is a nun. Great ethics, huh?

That sucks ass.

Do you have any more performances, or was that the last one of the term?

Sadly it was the one and only. My gf can watch the tape, which is better than nothing, but I’m just really angry they got together and lied to us when they obviously saw what it did to her.

Leak it to the preeesssss!!

I don’t get it. Can you explain a little more clearly? For starters, how are there three spaces between scenes (plural) in the last scene (singular)?

Libertarian, I meant any spaces between scenes. Their reason was that it was in the last scene, I was pointing out that there was not only one space (right before the last scene) where they could’ve come in, but rather 3 inbetween 3 seperate scenes.

i worked the curtan for the play and the bell rang at 10 after 2 and shortly after that there was a break in the play. so i don’t see why they couldn’t of gotten in then… you know what i say to that school… FUCK TEM, THOSE LYING SON OF A BITCHES!

peace out…
p.s. murder is the only answer here. clearly that is obvious.

I don’t mean to be dense. But if the bus arrived at 1:50 (and let’s say that it unloaded really fast so that within ten minutes of coming to a full stop, everyone was inside and at the auditorium door), how were there three scenes in seven minutes?

Okay, first we assume they got there at 1:50, which, to me, means got into the school. At 2:10, they had just started the last scene. As it is a “speech and theater” group, I’m not assuming they were putting on a play, more likely a collection of scenes and acts. It seems absolutely reasonable to me that, in that space of about 15 minutes, there would have been more than one break.

Yup, laurange is right, we have many short scenes. The last is the longest, about 5 or 6 min. That’s why I didn’t realize their lie until a little later.

So what do you think is the real reason for denying admittance?

I’m not really sure, the only thing I could think of is how my asst principal probably didn’t want to have to deal with it. It is easier to sit than to go ask what students want to go see the play, wait with them outside until a scene change and then let them in.

I think it’s just that he was purely fucking lazy.

How long were the pauses between “scenes”?

Varies, but the average I’d say was about a minute (and the people who would want to see the play would not have needed to filter among people in the dark to find seats, there was a bunch already set up for them in the back because they knew they’d be comming in close to when it started).

I was at first wondering whether 80 people could be seated in one minute. But now I’m wondering why they would go to all the trouble of putting in extra seats in the back for people that they knew would be late, only to behave differently than they had planned when the late people arrived.

Plus, it is a remarkable coincidence that Kplmonkeypants showed up to supply an exculpatory post barely ten minutes after you opened the thread. Not to question your veracity, but something doesn’t quite fit in this picture.

Oh Jesus Lib,

KPL stopped in because I was talking to him on AIM and I sent him the link. And if you think I’m him, click the little search button up in the corner and realize that I know him quite well as I started a welcome kpl thread a while back.

And FYI they set up the seats because there was an earlier performance by the chorus and they thought they could seat the people in the back in the 5 minute space between when the chorus ended and when the play began.

What exactly could I gain by making something like this up? I was half expecting this thread to be entirely ignored.

Lib, I think you’re right.

It’s obvious that there’s a vast conspiracy. The SDMB is the target of a huge cover-up perpetuated by… a high-school in upstate NY.

We’d better start building the bomb shelters.

Well, as I plainly said, I’m not questioning your veracity. I’d just like to see the dots connected. There’s no need to snipe at me just because your expository skills are weak.


With respect to the extra seats, they clearly could not seat people during the five minute space since the people weren’t there. It does seem logistically challenging to seat 80 people in one minute.

And with the longest scene being five minutes, with three minutes of the third from the last scene already finished (meaning that only one minute remained in it), isn’t it just possible that your vice-principal decided that the spectacle of seating 80 people with only two whole short scenes left might disrupt the experience of the other people there (people besides you and your girlfriend)?

In other words, had he made the two of you happy, might we not have had a different thread with another rant about 80 teenagers disrupting someone’s daughter’s play just when it was almost over?

Is this a vast right-wing conspiracy, LaurAnge? Because it’s just not as fun if a conspiracy isn’t a vast right-wing one.

Granted, 80 people entering and seating may cause a problem in a min. break.

Being high school students most of the people didn’t want to see the play anyway. It wouldn’t have been too terribly disturbing to ask who wanted to see it (maybe 10 or so of the people would have) and to seat those people.