I am so screwed and it isn't even my fault

Earlier tonight my 14 year old son was messing around with some ketchup packets and said I’ve always wanted to pull “that prank.” Shortly there after apparently my 16 year old daughter decided it would be fun too and put two folded over packets under the seat of the toilet (I didn’t even know) expecting her brother to use it soon. Fast forward and my wife was complaining about the bad day she has had and next thing I know I hear my wife screaming “THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!!” as she comes out of the bathroom with her pants around her knees. Apparently my daughter forgot she had set the trap.

My wife is now in the shower washing ketchup off of her ass. My daughter has cleaned up the toilet and I have cleaned up the kitchen (not related but it can’t hurt). Why am I screwed… I can’t help but laugh every time I think of it (I’m laughing now) but somehow I have to have a concerned and angry look on my face when she gets down in a few minutes.

Maybe she will like the new nickname “french fry momma” ?

Sounds like a fun family! Except for your wife! lol.

Never thought about under the toilet seat. When I was a kid it was always under the car tires.

We all survived… I think the warm water helped wash away the stress of the day (along with the ketchup). She came down and looked sternly at my daughter who was studying in the dining room and only said “Revenge.” She told me later it would have been wonderfully funny if it had happened to anyone else but her. She even confided to my son that this was the right way to do it since it went up her legs, over her tush and even some up her back… and it was all confined to the toilet and didn’t make a mess.

I’ll be checking very carefully from now on.

Will I be pushing my luck if I set this up in the bathroom in our bedroom for the morning? She is the first to get up and tends to be sleepy.

Icy Hot on the toilet is a time-honored classic. Of course, I’m pretty sure if you do that, no court in the land will convict her for whatever she does immediately afterwards.

A little ketchup for your buns, [del]papa[/del] mama? :slight_smile:

I suggest a retaliatory strike for her honor. Its better than flowers AND candy. It shows caring and sensitivity and I bet you might wind up with ‘Your My Knight in Shining Armor’ sex.

Its not a given, but it can’t hurt.

Here’s another toilet classic. Lift the seat and put a sheet of cellophane across the top of the bowl. Pull it taut so it can’t be seen. And then put the seat back down on it.

That’s not pushing luck; that’s shoving it down the stairs and laughing as it tumbles down and splats on the bottom. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would do this only if you already are expecting to sleep on the couch for a while.

Doing it in the KIDs’ bathroom might score you some points, though…

Does this work best for ladies, or guys that don’t bother too lift the seat?

Heh… I was just popping in to say “HIDE THE SARAN WRAP” but you beat me to it :D.

This is one of the true classics.

Back in when I was a young man in the old country, a buddy of mine got married and was gone for a week or so on his honeymoon. Four of his best fiends decided to prank the house before they came home. We all decided to meet at his place, and just told each other to bring your best prank.

At the appointed time, we all arrived within a couple of minutes of each other. We didn’t coordinate anything else except arrival time. All of us brought a roll of plastic wrap.

OK, on to the original topic: unscrew the shower head in the kid’s bathroom, dry everything well, pour a packet of Koolaid mix in the shower head, and re-attach it. (Use some plumber’s teflon tape on the threads if you want, to prevent future leaks). Then hope for that knight-in-shining-armor sex.

This one always confused me. Is it supposed to scare the person thinking that blood is coming out of the shower head like in horror movies? If someone tried that one on me it would likely be wasted effort because I don’t necessarily look after I turn on the shower and wait until it gets warm enough to get it. I’d probably miss it.

ETA: I suppose I’d smell the fruitiness and wonder WTF?

Yeah, it’s more for the people who turn the shower on, adjust the head, fiddle with the spray pattern, etc. Or those that have the instant-on tankless water heaters.

Ah, then it’s gotta be Heinz.

Do you have one of those sprayer hoses in your kitchen sink? Point it facing outward and use a rubber band to tie down the handle. Next person to use the sink gets sprayed.

2-4 TNT Pop-its, either one under each of the front feet of the toilet seat, or one under each of all four of the feet. Gently rest the seat back down on the Pop-Its. Wait for the POP POP SCREAM. Laugh.

If you do the saran wrap across the toilet, you’ll likely be the one cleaning it up afterwards.
You can stretch saran wrap tightly across the top half of a doorway, and then call someone urgently into the room. It’s very funny, but it will result in a fall - not sure you want to do that to your kids.

Smear a sufficient layer of white shaving cream all over the seat. My (now former) roomie was not happy when I pulled that one and he almost slid completely off the seat (we had a tradition of such hijinks going back many years).