I am so sick of motherf**kers..... And bulls**t!

I am really having a difficult time relating to particular people lately. Somehow, after being able to tolerate these people for about 10 years I have finally lost my patience. So, the question is how do YOU tolerate difficult people? I am not confrontational by any means, and have tried dropping subtle hints. It’s not working.
The biggest problem is that a particular friend of mine is CONSTANTLY stating his opinion as fact, which is aggravating as a motherfucker! Another problem is that this same person likes to repeat everything that he has heard as fact, without checking to make sure anything is correct first…He also likes to take everything mildly witty I have ever said around him and repeat them to others as though they are his thoughts…Right in front of me!:mad: :mad: :mad: If anyone has had any success dealing with ass biters such as this, please give me any suggestions you may have. Sorry for the rant and grammatical errors, as I Am venting:o I do feel a little better now, though:D

Why do you continue to associate with him?

I sort of have no choice in the matter. I’ve tried just making complete bullshit statements, so he looks like an asshole repeating them, but I always cop out and confess to leg pulling. I really hate to lie, it just makes me feel miserable.

Why did you say “motherfkers" and "bullst” in the title, but “motherfucker” and “bullshit” in the thread itself?

So as not to offend anyone who is just trying to decide which thread to read. Once they click on this particular thread, it is safe to assume it will contain harsh language. So, to answer your question, I was trying to be courteous.

So stay out of pastures and avoid Oedipus.

Stop feeling guilty about lying and have fun with this guy. My former boss did the same thing. We took great pleasure in making up bullshit to tell her.

One of my favorites= You know when A tree gets hot enough for the sap to boil the tree explodes like a bomb. In a forest fire the leading cause of death for Fire Fighters is shrapnel.

on that note, one of my personal faves is to tell people that Australian Aborigines are marsupial. The argument goes like this:
“Well, the evolution in Australia was independent of the rest of the world, right? Marsupial rodentoids, marsupial canoids, and so on. Well, you know the anti-evolution arguments which ask that if we evolved frm monkeys, then why are there still monkeys? See–the reason we still have monkeys is because there was enough room to maintain diversity. Now, Australia, even though it’s huge, can’t maintain diversity. Once the Aborigines evolved from marsupial primates, the monkeys disappeared, so that argument doesn’t apply!”

It’s almost scary how many people I’ve convinced of this. Sounds like BSMF (bullshitting motherfucker) would be a prime mark for this one.

[sub]by the way, I like that whole “exploding trees” thing. And no, it wouldn’t be a great name for a rock band.[/sub]

Ummmmmm… like have some compassion.

He isn’t doing WHATEVER HE IS DOING to hurt people.

Ya know what? He probably finds things about you annoying. ANd if he doesn’t … be SURE someone else does.

Be compassionate. Realize he is drilling off facts because he is possibly compensating for something else? Perhaps he feel he has to prove his intellect. Don’t get mad at him for that. Rather, have some passion.

Find the humor in people’s oddities and quirks!

Funny thing is that eucalyptus oil is highly flammable and can make the tree explode.

Robert- That was pretty damn funny! I’m still giggling at that one!

Mith- My character flaws are not the issue here :smiley:

Right, and Screaming Trees is already taken.

Damn, Dogzilla, you beat me to it!

Lily Putt, you say you don’t want to be confrontational, and you hate to lie. While the suggestions of telling him outrageous lies are terribly amusing, if that’s not your style you can always try this:

When BSMF spouts off some witticism he has lifted from you, say “Yeah, it was pretty funny when I said that. I’m flattered that you noticed, BSMF.” Unless this person is just utterly dense, he should get the point.