I am so sickening sweet, I make myself vomit!

I work at a State Park and deal with people all day. I deal with people telling horrible jokes, asking really stupid questions and people who are just generally being jerks. And I do it all with a smile on my face and polite chuckles. I must seem really fake, but I have never had anyone comment on it. I am so nice to them all that every once in a while I have to think to myself, “If I were them, I wouldn’t believe me for a second.” But then, I guess that that is what people want when they go to places like that.

Anyone else have this happen to them? When dealing with someone like me, do you actually believe that they are genuine?

I completely understand the “brain on autopilot” responses people in a customer service type job sometimes give. I don’t like it, though, and every now and then throw a total non-sequitur in to see if there is any evidence of consciousness.

There’s this one girl at the local pizza place that always gives a canned, “Have a TERRIFIC day” that could induce either hysteric laughter or an uncontrolled shiver at its robotic creepiness if I let my guard down…

Most of the time I can spot it.