I am someone's "One Eye-brow Baby"

Last night of the cruise, having a drink and saying my goodbyes to the people that enabled my drunkenness for the last 2 weeks and came across a guy who greets me with, “I fuckin’ hate you! You always beat me at everything!”

Lots of trivia games and ring-toss and shit on board to occupy the masses. I did them all, being that kind of guy. So did he, apparently.

Well, as established by fact, I was a consistant second place in nearly everything )meaning, LOSER!), but this guy was pissed at ME!

So, I did something awful:

[spoiler] I saw he had the “unlimited drinks” sticker on his cruise card. I convinced him that if he bought me a drink, he would be the winner, having the upper hand in the booze department! :smiley:

He did. We’re pals now.


You sir, are a diplomat. Well done. Is there any problem drinking can’t solve?

His name is Gerald.

I hate you because you’re a catfish and you’re a pain in the ass to clean. Can I get my free drink now?

God damn it, I’ve been reading this as Gatoescapado for years now.

I only posted that to use up my free internet on that goddamn barge. I got it down to 3 minutes left!

Second Place! Some other asshole got down to Zero!

I’ve never felt so bad for getting a free drink.