I am starting to get hungry.

I haven’t eaten for roughly two days because of the flu. My stomach always felt full and “sloshy” and I was on the verge of throwing up pretty much constantly. Right now is the first time I have felt hungry recently, so I’m going to eat the most delicious thing you guys can suggest. The rules are that it has to be something available at a drive-thru or convenience store in Las Vegas, it has to be bad for me, and it has to cost less than 10 dollars.

A Papa John’s pizza.

Available. Tick. Bad for you. Tick. Probably more than 10 bucks for an 8 ball.

We have a ham in the oven.
I’d give you 10 bucks worth.

Eating 10 bucks worth of ham would be bad for you.

I’m not in Las Vegas.

I do not have a drive through.

In-and-Out burger and Fries animal style. If it returns, you won’t notice the difference and can enjoy it a second time!

There is a burrito shack/drive thru joint that I used to hit in the wee hours of the morning (I think it’s a 24 hour place) that would put out an absolutely killer breakfast burrito, with tons of cheese, scrambled egg, refried beans and enchalada sauce, with some additional fresh salsa served in those little plastic cups. I think they also serve them with your choice of ham, bacon or sausage, but I don’t eat meat, so I am not sure what would be the best of those choices.

I think it’s on Paradise, or maybe Flamingo, but I cant remember for sure, though I know its not too far from the Silver Bowl.

This place also makes a very tasty chile relleno plate, if that sounds good.

I dont remember the name, (Salazars?) but even at 3 am, there was usually a line-up at the drive thru, so I know it is a popular spot…

Hope you feel better----Matthew