My tummy hurts & I'm hungry!

Apparently I’m a thread-starting machine today.

Anyway, it seems I ate something yesterday that didn’t agree with me. Well, it *really * didn’t agree with me, to the point that the Bathroom Has Been My Friend. I haven’t eaten anything since then (I’m pretty sure I know what the culprit was), and my tummy is occasionally rolling and generally I don’t feel great. I came in to work, because I thought I felt better!

What makes it worse is, since my tummy is being emptied, now I’m hungry. Yet every time I think of eating anything I feel sick again.

Talk about a rock and a hard place. Anyway I’m just rambling but I really wanted to tell someone. :frowning:

Poor Anaamika! Don’t forget to keep your fluids topped up, if you’re losing them through… er, a manner other than perspiration. Any way you can have soup for lunch? A simple broth would be best.

And ginger ale soothes rumbly tummies.

Try a tums or rolaids. I find Maalox and/or the pink stuff even better. The nice part is that it will also calm the stomach acids and make you feel less hungry.

It was Taco Bell wasn’t it?! :slight_smile:

Yeeeccccch. That’s the worst, and I know, I was there just last week. Keep something fluid-y close by. Warm, flat soda is good if you can’t get ginger ale. For some reason, plain water never makes that feel better.

No, not Taco Bell. I haven’t eaten there in years. It was a perfectly respectable & good restaurant, so I don’t really want to malign them. It was more spicy than even I’m used to, plus for all I know the heat could have done it, too.

Thanks for all the helpful stuff, it really makes me feel better.

Gatorade might also help, since you’re losing so many fluids. Other than that, try “white” carbs: white bread, white rice, white pasta (no acidic tomato sauce), or plain crackers like Saltines.