Need Tummy Remedies - Quick

Of all the days to get sick, I had to choose today. I’m pukey & achy and just generally feeling nasty. It wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m supposed to go to this huge Thanksgiving dinner tonight (60 people!) and I don’t want to be a wet blanket.

Does anybody know of anything that could help me? Teas, concoctions, ect?

Sob, looks like I’m going to have to pass on the 4 cases of champaigne and after dinner schnapps tonight. Wah! :frowning:

Your Poor Pukey,

Vanilla Icecream.

Blech. Just the sound of ice cream makes me wanna puke right now…oooh, and you had to post, reminding me of warm milk. :wink:

You know what? Could you be a dear, Cubby, and fed-ex me some of that hot stuff Yoji gave me that one morning? It worked then, maybe it would work now.

Must… resist… temptation… to… make… weak… puns :smiley:

Tater, the GSM to ICQ thingie doesn’t work for some reason, so let’s be obscure:

“The product hasn’t arrived yet. I am at the office. Maybe it will be here tomorrow.”

Heh heh :wink:

Stop making me laugh, CheesyPoof, it jiggles my delicate tummy.

Humpfh, not here yet? A likely story. This is all just part of your five point plan to drive me bloody nuts, isn’t it?

Heh, and the item we spoke of last night? Ready for shipping tomorrow. :wink:

It may be too late by now, but when I was hurling up my guts recently, my mom suggested ginger ale and crackers to settle my stomach.

Ginger in general well known for aiding stomach problems, including motion sickness. Try candied ginger, or “ginger tea” (powdered ginger mixed with hot water and other flavourings if you need it). Fresh ginger will work but it has quite a bite.

As Snooooopy said, crackers (and other plain grain foods, e.g. plain toast, rice) are good once you’re ready to eat something.

Like Nimue said, ginger. The best way I have found is to grate fresh ginger into some ginger ale. It’s actually very good! Maybe bring some with you to the dinner?

Hope it works for you :slight_smile:

There’s always marijuana . . . good for all stomach ailments, or so they tell me.

I made it, but as feared I had to limit myself to one glass of red wine and I had to leave early. I wasn’t nearly so grumpy as I feared though, and everthing seems to be settling down pretty well.

Thanks though. :slight_smile:

A little late to do you any good but my solution to all ailments works pretty well: amputation.

Warm, or at room temperature gatorade plus small bites of saltine crackers always helped me, tater, hope you’re feeling better soon!