Are you hungry? I am!

I’m sitting here, my tummy is growling but I’m not sure what sounds good and then I started cruising the fast food chain restaurants to check out the menu.

My mouth is watering just thinking about all the fatty/calorie filled delights out there.

A big sloppy burger with fries. Lot’s of ketchup please.

A 6 inch sub with lots of meat, cheese, mayo and mustard. Oh don’t forget the oil and vinegar. Oh and the lettuce and tomato.

2 tacos, supreme please, a pintos and cheese and a burrito supreme with guacamole.

That beef and chedder with tator tots, extra of that bbq sauce please I like lots of sauce, mmmm, that sauce.

Although I would prefer to go to a sit down restaurant.

To start, a bloomin’ onion, salad then medium prime rib with a potato.

Oh and how about some chicken soft tacos? I like the salsa too, so extra salsa and extra sour cream.

Yum, all you can eat salad along with fettucine alfredo.

I could go on. I assume I will just settle for some boring, low fat frozen dinner though. < sigh >

< Man I am hungry! >

Hi, techy!

We just had the same kind of conversation before lunch here at work.

There’s a great family-owned curry place in the food fair of the mall across the street, and as soon as I mentioned it one of the women got all excited, frothing at the mouth and all. I went over early and had the tandoori chicken and the butter chicken (with basmati rice and naan, of course). She intended on tandoori chicken as well, but ended up getting lamb curry and dal.

There are three or four other places nearby that other people mentioned: Hon’s Chinese, the deli in the mall (great soup and sandwiches, I hear), the bagel place, two Japanese restaurants and one Thai, and more besides, all within a few blocks.

It’s almost as good as Zenster’s recipe thread!

(Now I’m so hungry again I’ll have to have supper on the way home.)

Just finished three green chile chicken tostadas here.


I just want a grape slushy, but the DQ closed a half-hour ago.
And I’m out of M&Ms, dammit.

I have a new hero.

[SUB]…except the guac. ughh.[/SUB]

Well, Liz, you may not follow my posts much, but let me give you this scenario:

January 1, 2001 - 160 pounds.
February 1, 2001 - 150 pounds
March 1, 2001 - 145 pounds
Today - 141 pounds.

Let me emphasize this to you:

I. Am. Hungry.

I am so hungry I would kill someone in cold blood to eat a Pizza Hut Large Pan Super Supreme pizza, along with a gallon of ice cold beer, if only I would not regain weight.

I want to go to this fantastic Italian restaurant here in KC, Garozzo’s, and have the 3000-calorie “Hill Special” (essentially, a mound of spaghetti, ravioli, fettucini, and mostaccoli, served with a side of fried eggplant).

I want to go to Wendy’s and ask for a Triple with Cheese, plus one extra beef patty. A Quadruple?

I want to eat 5 or 6 Kentucky Fried Chicken Breasts. And I don’t care if it’s not chicken. I don’t care if it’s so hormone and chemical laden it’s banned from 145 countries by UN Treaty. I don’t care if you can wring the oil out of it. All I want is that Original Recipe skin on it.

I want to go to the Outback, and have the Outback Special - no wait, maybe the Prime Minister’s Prime Rib - 3 of those little loaves of Honey Bread, 2 22-oz Foster’s “Tall Blokes”, and a “Chocolate Thunder from Down Under” for dessert.

Or, I would take a pound of ground beef, cook it, soak it in butter, put two eggs on top of it, some bacon strips, and call it my “Good Morning Burger”. (credit to The Simpsons)

Or, failing all that, I would be happy with a couple pounds of fresh nachos, a pound of cheese, a half pound of jalapenos, some Hormel chili, a bit of sour cream, some chopped green onions, a few black olives, and some diced tomatoes with cilantro.

In case you forgot,

I. Am. Hungry.

I’m about 25 minutes off going home & I’m now hungry. I think I can rustle up some nice tuna pasta with mushrooms and capsicum. Mmmmmm…

Or do I do the greasy burger & chips…


< giggling >

I gather that those that see this thread from work tomorrow will be pining for some good/fatty morsels at lunch time.

BTW, Una, how did you do the weight loss? That’s great hun!

I knew I shouldn’t have read this thread.

Dr. LindyHopper hasn’t been feeling too well lately, and I’ve been working pretty late this week, so neither of us has really felt like cooking. There’s some Italian-style bread soup (kind of like gazpacho) in the fridge, and I’ll eat it if I have to, but I’m not really a soup kind of guy. Especially when I’m really hungry. I wish I’d picked up some fried chicken or something on the way home (of course, I walk to and from work, so I’d have had to take the car out again once I got home), but I didn’t. Now I’m starving, and there’s not much (besides the aforementioned soup, which is admittedly quite good) to eat. Maybe there’s a frozen chicken breast, and I can whip up a quick chicken fettuccine Alfredo (mmmmm…).

On the plus side, I do have some Mystic Mints (the king of all cookies), but I don’t like to have just cookies and beer; that’d be … weird.

What you need to do, Techie, is change professions and work with food all day long. It’s funny, if I’m not cooking, I have the most ravenous appetite, yet, if I’m cooking, I just don’t feel like eating much. Maybe it’s because I’m tasting as I cook, but I just seem to lose most of my appetite.

By the way, for you dessert hounds out there: I cranked out 500 Violins tonight. The restaurant/catering company I work for has this amazing dessert–layers of thin chocolate-almond cake and chocolate mousse cut into a violin shape. It’s served with white chocolate sauce and a milk chocolate treble clef design. It’s sooo cute.

P.S. Una-- WTG on the weight loss!

Buh, damn you all, damn you all for tempting me with food when I’m trying to lose weight! Now it’s 9:30pm at night and I’m DYING for a cheese and onion sammich…if I put on weight, it’s all your fault!

I did something unusual for me, I went out for lunch. I usually take my lunch at around 2 AM but I don’t eat as I’m not hungry at that time - I forgot to eat dinner tonight, though (my wife was on a babysitting job and, sob, I just can’t function without her!) and started to get hungry, and then realized I actually had some money on me tonight.

I go to Whataburger and get the DMDC with jalapenos, some fries, and a large Sprite. I verify twice with young lady at drive through that is with jalapenos. ‘Yeah, jalapenos’. Do I have jalapenos on my burger when I get back to work! NO. I remember why I stopped going to that Whataburger.

Am I hungry?

Oooohhhh yes. I’ve got that hungover empty stomach feeling. I’d eat a farmers arse through a hedge but I suppose the curry in the canteen will have to do. Maybe with a paninni on the side.

Hungry? Damn, I’m just the opposite! About 15 mins ago I GORGED on a vat o’ chile that I made last night (see the ultimate recipe thread if you want the recipe… It’s GOOOD stuff! I think it’s on page 4 or 5…)…

Ugh! I feel like a stuffed sausage! I planned to play some games tonight, but now I feel like just going to bed and sleeping it off…

Stay UPWIND of me for the next few days!!

I would love to have a Whataburger. But they don’t exist in Denver anymore.:frowning:

Yeah, I’m trying to lose weight as well. Too bad I have nearly a pound of basturma in the fridge that needs to be eaten eventually. (And the best way is in a sandwich with feta cheese.) Some of us worked on a Saturday two weeks ago, and the boss is taking us to lunch at The Hungry Hunter, a steak house. As a bachelour, I can’t turn down a free meal. Especially when I paid for it by giving up a Saturday.

Even though I’ve reduced my food intake, I’m not particularly hungry. Yesterday I had a Slim-Fast shake for breakfast, a Chinese chicken salad from Trader Joe’s and a couple Trader Joe’s dolmas for lunch, and a basturma sandwich (bread, meat, feta; no dressing) for dinner. I don’t think that’s too much to eat in 18 hours.

One thing about going to the steak house for lunch: I’ll only eat about half of it, so I get dinner too! (Some restaurants I go to serve entirely too much food. El Torito is usually good for three bachelour meals!)

Oh, it turned out to be easier than I thought. You just need to follow Una’s Happy Fun Appetite Supressant Plan([sup]TM[/sup])

What’s the secret, you may ask? Cyclic stressors!

My typical day goes like this:

Wake up - stomach hurts from worrying about losing the house and retirement fund division. Try to eat breakfast. The Ex-SO comes down and slams things around, then starts crying. Hm. Don’t feel like eating anymore. Sometimes I cry too, then barf.

Morning - work is crap. Clients are on the phone and e-mail asking why things aren’t done. Well, shit, I don’t feel like putting in my usual 60-hour week with all this cyclic stress, so I’m only doing about a 40-hour week. Well, people aren’t used to that “low level of performance” from me, so they have not yet come to grips with the fact that I am a failure, and thus think that I am just ignoring them, rather than overwhelmed.

Lunch - talk to Fierra. Things look up, try to eat some lunch. Normally soup.

Afternoon - want to snack, but the atrocities continue.

Dinnertime - The Ex-SO at this point will normally do one of several things:

  1. Go into a crying and screaming fit.
  2. Tell me how worthless I am, and that she wishes I was dead.
  3. Tell me how worthless she is, and that she wishes she was dead.
  4. Make veiled threats about killing herself.
  5. Stalk around the house slamming things and throwing things.

Whatever the case…nope, don’t feel like eating.

Night - well, normally I will get a snack then - like some beef jerky, or plain tomato soup. This may do me, unless we have a repeat of the dinnertime performance. Then I will often become upset enough to barf everthing back up, and go to bed hungry.

Oh, it’s not every day. Just most days.

I’d rather talk about eating now.


Then I command you to go to lunch, have a fat filled lunch like fettucine alfredo with a grilled chicken.

< how’s that for a quick switch :wink: >