Hey, i'm hungry

You know what?
I’m hungry.


Me too. Would you get me something while you’re up?

Damn, so am I. And all I’ve got is Ramen.

You guys want some Ramen and shit? I got lots of that.


Ooh me too… for anything but pie crust mix though ::barfing smiley here::

Yeah, hold on one sec Internet Language. Let me look in the fridge. Got some hot dogs, some old corn dogs…ahhhh…lets see, some mustard…miracle whip…strawberry coolaid.
There’s some nacho guy runnin around the message board too i think. I’m in the mood for some nachos.

woops…i meant Internet Legend

Damn, I shouldn’t have opened this thread - now I’m really hungry. I’ll have to see if I can post and eat cereal at the same time.

It’s all in your head, you fools! you dont know what hunger is untill you’ve spent 2 days in a house with people who only own a jar of Vegimite and some crackers and are too god damned cheep to go out

Ramen good. However, if you’re still hungry, you can eat me. [sub]Sorry, had to say it[/sub]

“Internet Language” sounds more interesting, Conti. I’ll add it to the list of possible new names.

Let’s see…I don’t eat meat, so I’ll pass on the hot dog/corn dogs. It looks like there’s a lot of ramen available, though. Maybe someone could pass me a bowl of that (oriental flavor in some brands doesn’t have meat in it). If I didn’t already know hypergirl is a minor, or her offer would sound more interesting. :wink:

Sounds good hypergirl :wink:

If we werent in a world of bits and bytes, i might take you up on that offer…LOL

You know what sounds good?
Steak and baked potatoe
Turkey and Dressing
Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans
Country Ham and Homemade Biscuits
Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate cake

I wish i had some bout right now.

Bad Conti! Now I’m hungry too.


I’m sorry Fairy Princess!

I’m hungry too!!!

I feel too puny to get out and shop…time to gnaw on an old bagel.:slight_smile:


All I had to eat this morning was a crappy granola bar. Now, I open this thread and my stomach is growling.

We’re supposed to get hit with a major snowstorm here in New England this weekend and for some odd reason, I think I’m going to break out the grill and cook me a steak in the middle of it. Go figure.

Mmmm, food. I just ate a disgustingly greasy from Burger King, but I’m already starving for lunch. I think psycat and I will go get carnitas again for lunch today. Yummy!