what are you craving?

The thread about Subway sandwiches got me thinking. I go on leave in two days. By this Friday, I will be in the US of A. I’ve spent the past week developing very specific cravings.

They are:

Medium cola slurpee, with Slim Jim on the side. Eaten in my car on the way to a camp ground in western Maryland. My dog will get some of the Slim Jim. My wife will drive as I’m still really jumpy about the whole IED thing.

Hebrew National hotdogs grilled on an open fire until they are all crispy, with ketchup, spicy brown mustard, chopped onions and sharp cheddar cheese. Side of Bush’s maple baked beans.

Apple juice and honey roasted peanuts, late-night snack.

A nice salad with crispy lettuce so cold it kind of hurts your teeth, California Sweets tomoatoes, and big garlicy croutons. I’m still thinking about my dressing options.

A hot shower, then a hot bath.

Crispy English muffin with lots of melted butter and honey on top of that, eaten in the sun room of my house.

Cold orange juice with pulp, a huge glass.

A steak medium rare with a side of corn on the cob and a baked potato with sour cream and chives.

A really good Italian sub.

Sorry, I kind of drifted off there…What are your cravings?

Baby girl, I love you very much, but these impromptu 6am vocal concerts are getting less and less cute.

Your post is making me hungry. Especially the steak part.

I could go for cucumber salad, a steak (marinated in Carribbean Jerk Sauce) and baked potato. And a big hunk of garlic bread. Mmmmmmmm.

Oh man, garlic bread for the steak, how could I leave that out? And when you’re done, you use the last bit of bread to soak up the greasy goodness.

12" double stuffed Spicy Italian sub on the regular plain bread, with cheese, onions, pickles, green pepper, olives and heavy vinegar. Small Pepsi. To go.

Or a large gyros, no tomatoes or lettuce, extra sauce, and a Dr. Pepper. To go.

Or a Big Mac - no lettuce, extra sauce, cheese, onions, and pickle, a small fry, and a milk. To go.

Or a Beef and Cheddar, hold the Arby’s sauce, extra cheese, small order of potato cakes, and a milk. To go.

Or a filet o fish, small fries and a milk. To go.

Or a large order of fries, with barbeque sauce, another Old Style, I’ll eat at the bar, run a tab.

Eggplant spread on crispy baguette. Which I have in the kitchen. But I must resist…

A nap.

Fettucine alfredo.

God knows why, but for some reason none of the Italian restaurants in my region seem to sell it. This is disturbing to me. This weekend, when my husband and his buddies spend the weekend celebrating the impending nuptials of my husband’s best friend, I’m going to go get me some, even if I have to drive to Jersey.

No clue. I want something, but I’m not hungry, and I can’t for the life of me figure out where this craving feeling comes from, nor what I should consume to satisfy it.

My fridge is full of delicious food. I mean packed full.

But it can’t hug me. :frowning:

A thick homemade vanilla milkshake. I’m planning my first meal for when I get home now. I know you all are on the edge of your seats, so I’ll post the menu when I’m done.

Right now? A McD’s chicken hamburger and fries. :smack:

Off to IMHO.

My WoW!

I’ve recently joined a new project. From Costa Rica (which made me sick) to a town 2 hours away from Mom’s place, yeehaw.

And I’ve rented a room in a shared apartment.

Problem is, I found the ad on the net, asked “do you have internet” and the guy wrote back “yes”; we didn’t mention it again when I went to see the place.

Turns out he has it. In his bedroom. Which he locks. Dude works as a bodyguard, which means he gets paid for being paranoid (in the US, bodyguard is mostly a “show” job and they’re usually huge; in Spain it’s a “dead may be involved” slave position and they’re often smallish, non-threatening guys like my roomie). He scrambled to ask for a second line as soon as he got my letter, but it won’t get set up until the end of the month. If it does. Have I mentioned that Telefonica’s service requires Pit vocabulary to be properly described?


(Oblivion and CivIV are trying to help, but, meh)

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Sorry, I’d come and do it in person but I’m a bit far.

I sure could go for a steak right now… rare, red, and juicey. With a glass of dark, micro brewed beer and a baked potato (complete with lots of sour cream and melty butter). Maybe some mushrooms (saute-ed of course). Take some of the steak juice and pour it on potatos. Yeah, that’s a meal, alright.

Damn… even though I just ate and am totally full, my mouth is watering.

Not much right now. . .but the one thing that I crave the most is beer. At the end of a road trip, or some days coming back from work, I just can’t stop thinking about that first sip. . .and it never disappoints.

Ground beef nacho platter and a pint of beer. For breakfast.

Red wine. Sushi. Beer. Sushi. A big hunk of Brie. Sushi. Champagne. Sushi.

Yeah, there’s a pattern. Three months to go and I can have all of this again.


I had a hankering for a hearty, fattening breakfast. So I made it. Fried some bacon and while that was going, peeled & diced a potato. Once the bacon was done I put that on a paper towel to cool & dry. Sprinkled a little garlic seasoning on the potatoes & sauteed them in the bacon grease. When the potato was done, I crumbled the bacon back into it, stirred & off-loaded it onto its plate. Then I fried a couple eggs in the remaining bacon grease, and dumped those on top of the potato/bacon mound.

Yum, greasy artery hardening goodness!