What foods are you craving right now?

Ever since last night I have been fighting a craving for pancakes, covered in rich butter and smooth, sweet, savory maple syrup. I wish I had enough time to run to IHOP right now. I know I am overdue for my pancake fix.

Bacon Salt. :smiley:

Pizza. My oven’s broken and I can’t afford to get takeout right now. Stupid bank lost my direct-deposit somehow and I’m waiting for them to trace it.

Porkrinds. I’m classy! :smiley:

That or a fruit-non-fat-yogurt smoothie. I guess I should eat healthier…

Cheese. I haven’t had a good non-sandwich cheese for a while.

Pasta and chicken with leftover enchilada sauce. Gotta go!

:frowning: I’m sorry. Hopefully things will sort out soon.

I was craving refired beans with sharp cheddar cheese and tortilla chips. Think I ate to much. (No pickle and ice cream cravings yet.)

Chicken rice.

It sounds so simple, available all over SE Asia but best in Singapore and Malaysia.

It’s just chicken and rice cooked in chicken broth but it’s oh so very yummy.

Fish and chips, after reading a thread about it in GQ. tummy rumbles

Cheese with pasta, maybe a bit of butter. yummm. Also, Baja Fresh bean and cheese burrito. Our homemade guacamole or El Palenque’s tequila guacamole with chips, lots of both. Damn, must be lunch time, better wipe off the drool before I leave my office.

In addition to just discovering I have high cholesterol, I’m trying to eat low-carb.

So right now I want a big bowl of Japanese ramen noodles with fatty roast pork sliced over the top. Then some mochi ice cream balls for dessert.

Coffee. Really dark, thick coffee with just enough cream to make it smooth and a little bit of sugar. With a cookie. A big one.

Mom’s lasagna and garlic bread. I’ve been craving it for a couple of weeks now.

Pork chops. Or pizza.

Also: bacon bacon bacon.

Hm. That does sound good. So does fish and chips, Telperien.

White Castle. :smiley:

I’d be more than happy with a big 'ol bag of plain Lays (or Ruffles) potato chips right now.
But, I can’t eat them anymore.
I guess it will be a big 'ol stalk of crispy, crunchy celery for me!
Do I sound happy with that?
Because I’m not.
Just so you know.

We don’t have a whole lot in the area, do we?

I want sushi. Really intricate rolls with all kinds of combinations of things, and also some perfect toro nigiri where the fatty tuna just melts away on your tongue. I may have to spring for sushi this weekend, since I haven’t had any in several months.

A McDonald’s breakfast meal. :smack: