I am still loving me some TF2

My girlfriend turned me on to Team Fortress 2 maybe two years ago. My computers are all crap and can’t handle new games, and I don’t play much of anything anyway.

I think it’s hilarious that I have so much fun with a 6-year-old game. I’ve found some servers that I like because they have constant banter and good players. I mostly play soldier because I can’t aim; splash damage is my friend. Despite having put way too many hours into it, I don’t feel “good” at it yet. It’s been a few years since I had whip-like teenager reflexes, so I don’t see too much improvement in my future. Although I could probably un-suck some of my less-played classes with a little practice.

I understand there’s a SDMB group on Steam. I’ll try to remember to join that. I did run into another doper once but I forget her name.

6 year old game? I’m still playing TFC now and then. Granted, almost nobody plays anymore and the only map filled with actual humans is usually 2fort. I used to be awesome at TFC as a medic.

Conc jumping was the best thing. Sigh, the good ole days :slight_smile: