I am the copycat with the garland sent by the mercifull god

NO. I didnt go insane. I just wrote down the meanings of my first and middle names.

Stefanie: the one with the garland
Jasmine: god is mercifull
Maxine: the one who emulates (copycat, aint it?! grrr)
so what meaning does your name have?
My little book of names might be able to help you find out the meaning of your name… if it is a european style name.

I ll go kill my parents now…


Tracy, a 2-syllable unisex name of Greek/Latin origin, means: Brave fighter; bold; reaper. Tracy’s ethnic backgrounds include * English/Welsh .

Yup, sounds just like me! :rolleyes: My middle name is my mother’s maiden name, Yi, which is Korean and I have no idea what, if anything it means.

Here is a baby name link that includes meanings.

Michael Edward, What’cha got?

I saw your picture here , and boy do I wish I was going to Austria instead of Stuttgart in Feb :wink:

My first name is Colten. I remember looking it up once and it meant something but I don’t remember. When I was named, Colten was unheard of, so I have this theory. I think my parents, not having planned well for my birth, forgot to name me. So when I was born and the doctor asked my parents the name, they babbled out some incoherent mess that somewhat resembled Colten, and so I was named. My last name is Smith. Don’t know what it means either, but I hear that it’s a pretty common name. My middle name is John. Colten John Smith. I don’t know, maybe my parents are part of some cult that worships early american explorers or whatever. Anybody who can help me find the meanings of my names will be helping me find the meaning to life.

I looked up my maiden name, Tate here and got this:

Tate: British, Derived from Old English word Tata; could mean “dear, glad, hilltop, dice, lock of hair, daddy or teat.”

Woo Hoo! Wonder which one fits me best…?

And not suprisingly, my married last name means “Long”.

Dangit, that link just above doesn’t work. I thought I’d tested it but I was just looking at where I’d come from. I’m stupid like that. :slight_smile:

Surnames is correct

Mike: “Who is like god?”
Edward: protector of the wealth (taters link says something slightly diffrent)

John is the same as Jasmine… what was it again? ah. yes…
God is mercifull… how could I forget

I am a little womanly one, with joy and I am a pure female sheep.


[sub]::but officer, I was jus’ helpin’ the wee sheep o’er the fence and me trousers fell down and…::[/sub]

Don’t worry Nika, my son’s full name means:

Victory of the people, dispenser of supplies, dear, glad, hilltop, dice, lock of hair, daddy or teat, long…that’s a lot for a five year old to live up to, esp. the teats!

black sheep?

that link is like xmas! I like this meaning of Jasmine (god is mercifull grrrrr) much better:

Fragrantly flowered shrub

But they also made Maxi sound nice:
the greatest - my book saied the greates emulater…

yi… hmm… well in a book by Amy Tan yi means liver… but that is chinese… and it might have been put out of context by her, the publisher or… me.

And WHAT does that mean :wink:

tatertot thank you. I wonder if my parents knew they were calling thier kid a female sheep? Did you know what you were naming your son at the time?

Yi=liver, hmmmmm, that may very well be, they think very highly of the liver in most Asian nations.

So, now I’m Brave Fighter Liver Dear Long. The sad thing is I like it better than my real name

And Nika, I did look up what his first name meant, but his middle names are his father’s best friend’s middle name and my maiden name, so no matter what they meant he would have been stuck with them. However, should I marry again & have children I will be sure to look up their future father’s name before conceiving just to make sure they don’t know the pain of having a weird name meaning. Like teat. :wink:

[sleaze merchant]

Nice pic, Ms Dodgy! When are you over in Britain again? [sub](Ta for the link, MikeG)[/sub]

[/sleaze merchant]

My surname doesn’t show up. My dad’s been trying to trace it, and as far as we can tell there are only seven people in the world with this name (we’ve checked the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada). Go figure.

First name: “gift of God”, apparently
Middle name: “a noted warrior, a champion”

First name: Matthew. Hebrew, “gift of god.”
Middle name: Wesley. English “west lea” (western field).
Last name: McLauchlin. Scots Gaelic, “son of Lochland” (Norway or Denmark).

Colten: English, “coal town”.
John: English, from Hebrew, “god is gracious.”
Smith: English, “smith (one who forges metal objects).”

I am a pearl from the court. Charred.

Tanja: Latin/Slavic meaning “A Fairy Queen”
Renee: Latin/French meaning “One who is new again; reborn”
Cooper: British meaning “barrel maker”