I am two years older then you, Ben. Hah! (It's my birthday.)

Well, frankly, I figured the above worked better as a title then simply “It’s my birthday!”. Besides, I am now two years older then my brother, Ben, so it is true, to boot. Sure, so I am not really 24 month older then him, but rather 14 months, but until his birthday, numerically, it sounds like I am. Besides, today isn’t really my birthday, but rather, a few days ago. It is just that until my friends reminded me, I forgot. I always forget. Tomorrow, I am going to Bengies Drive-In Theatre (No relation!) to see Madagascar, and Batman begins.

Don’t tell anyone, but I already read the script months ago, as with the Fantastic Four movie, and a few unproduced films, such as the Wakoski Brothers’ Plastic Man film.

So, how old are you now? 14?


I just looked at my post, again. I intended the tone to be that of me expressing a novel fact. Perhaps I did not succeed. I can’t tell. Well, just in case you are wondering, my intended tone was not:

Go Robot, It’s Your Birthday!

You’re [del]one[/del] two year(s) older!
[del]one[/del] two year(s) wiser!
Rock and roll star, king, czar, and kaiser!
A roomful of friends!
A mouthful of cake!
Every present is for you,
And it feels pretty great!
You’re the man of the hour,
The V.I.P.
You get the first slice,
Of the P-I-E,
But first blow out the candles,
And make a wish,
Put a smile on,
'Cause it’s your birthday, bitch!

Go Robot, it’s your birthday.

No, of course not. It was meant to express mild amusement. :wink:

Hey, I got the same deal goin’ on with me and my brother. And, yes I always just say he’s 2 years younger than me.

Whoa, I just posted this yesterday, and it is on the 2nd page, with no new links since I logged off. What is it, the fact I am not handing out punch and pie till I open my prezzies? Well, don’t worry, I will open them now.
Seven** gave me a copy of the number #1 summer jam, here.

Also, more people then I could count quoted me, and agreed with my arguments, which was nice. Ok, that’s it, time for punch, and pie.

We have Pecan Pie, but that bastard Cartman ran in here before the party, and took all the punch. So, I have milk, and coffee to go with it. Anyone want something of more substance, they can have my Coleslaw, Russian Dressing, and potato-chip hamburgers, but they have to run back to the doperball picnic table to get it.

P.S. You too, Regallag The Axe? I am amazed more people don’t do this. Sure, it is juvenile, but people have a right to be juvenile once in a while.

My kids are like that. Twelve months three weeks apart. So for three weeks every year, my oldest is two years older than her sister. Which causes her distress.

Nice to hear he isn’t going to grow out of taunting her over it, though.

Well, I am sure you have heard of vanity threads. This appears to be an anti-vanity thread. :wink: Bumped twice, and I am pretty sure it is on the right forum. Maybe because it was started on the weekend. Maybe it is my tone in the recent past. I don’t know.

My brother and I have the same situation. We’re 22 months apart. He was born September and I was born in November. September to November, it’s an age race. We always joke the some day, he’ll catch up to me. I think that will happen when I hit 30 :wink: