I am way too happy today!

It’s not like me to spew much of anything on this board (let alone happiness!), but I’m really quite happy today and I figured, “If I can’t tell the folks in the MPSIMS forum, who can I tell??” :wink:

There are two main reasons for my joy:

  1. There’s a class required for my graduate program that everyone complains about (one of those classes you have to “survive”), which I’ve been planning to take in the fall and have been seriously dreading, but I found out last night that the program requirements have been updated and now there’s an alternative to the Bad Class! YAY!! They’re both research classes, requiring much library time, but the alternate class seems to be much less soul-sucking; plus, it’s taught by the same guy who’s teaching my Thursday night class this semester, and so far he’s very cool. I know this may not seem like much of a reason to rejoice, but I really can’t express how much everyone in my program dreads the Bad Class!

The next reason is even better than the school stuff, but continues to make me sound like a giddy coed…

  1. I get to see my new guy tomorrow. I am so excited about him, it’s ridiculous! I was hanging around an online dating site at the end of last year, and I saw this guy’s profile and sent him a message shortly before New Year’s: we had our first date three weeks ago. Tomorrow will be date #4. :slight_smile: He is amazing! Smart, funny, kind, cute as hell, etc. We get along incredibly well, live less than 10 miles apart, have lots of stuff in common (including the fact that we were born in the same California hospital just two weeks apart), and we’re both very happy and excited about “us.” Things are moving fast, but not too fast: despite the mutual happiness, we’re both very aware that we’ve just met and still have a lot to learn about each other – we’re definitely looking forward to the journey, though. It’s a terrible cliche, but quite honestly I’ve never felt this way about anyone (and, at 33, I was starting to wonder if I ever would!).

This has been a very long week, and yesterday in particular was pretty stressful until I left work to go to class, but it’s like my high today trumps the rest of the week. I’ll stay on the high tomorrow, while I’m with my guy, but life will return to normal on Sunday (when I’m faced with the homework for my Monday night class that I’ve been putting off) . . . I just wanted to share the happy while it’s here. :slight_smile:

Awesome! (:

It was a good day for me aswell. I finished my last shift at work and it feels fan-fucking-tastic. :slight_smile:

Oh, you have your mojo working today! Yay! I love it when that happens. And I’m glad to hear about your new friend, that’s great!

Misnomer & Mr Jim I’m happy for you both. Good days are great!

Care if I share the spotlight on the good times? I had a good day, too.

I had my first date in long time and had a wonderful time. She is a beautiful Moraccan woman that looks like Norah Jones and has a personality that surpasses her looks. I think that we hit it off very well. Those eyes… when she laughed they sparkled.

That’s what I was hoping would happen! :slight_smile: Whenever someone’s having a crappy day, or needs support, other Dopers are always there for them. I thought it might be nice to share a really happy day, and after I submitted the OP I hoped that others who were also having a good day (like you and Mr Jim) would chime in.

My beau is due here in approx. 10 minutes, so I’m off to have my second way-too-happy day… :smiley:

2 in a row here aswell. My work is having a surprise going away party for me tonight. :smiley:


(And yes, Alonso, it is awesome. So there. :P)

Misnomer how’d things go?

The beautiful Moroccan woman e-mailed me this morning to tell me what a nice time she had and that she really wants to see me again.

Good way to start the day.

Very well, thanks for asking. :slight_smile: We had lunch, then a wonderful afternoon at the new Air & Space museum in Virginia, then we hung out at my place for a couple hours. We continue to be amazed and impressed with each other, and our time together is very comfortable and happy. We had to talk about something a little serious yesterday, and even that went well – I just can’t believe I’ve met this guy. :slight_smile: We have plans to see each other next weekend, and I’m already looking forward to spending more time with him.

Yay!! :slight_smile: