I appear to have a dent in my leg. Normal?

A few inches up from my ankle, on the front/left of my right leg. The kind of dent you’d expect to get if you hit a cake with the flat edge of a steel ruler reasonably gently.

This isn’t a medical advice post, since either way I don’t plan on doing anything about it. Just wondered there’s supposed to be a dent there or i’ve whacked my leg into something and not noticed.

Many people have those. A doctor once showed me an x-ray of my shins and told me to be more careful because I have lots of chips and distortions and the damage builds. Whacking your lower leg hard can leave damage that you can see or feel forever.

I have a dent exactly as you’ve described, in the same location. But I have more important body-related things to worry about.

Are you talking about a dent just in the skin? Does touching it cause the dent to go deeper or get bigger?
Look into pitting edema and issues with circulation.

Yes, need more details and/or picture.

Pitting edema is on the list of differentials. So are fractures and the like.

Does it stay? How long has it been there? What were you doing before you noticed it? Does it hurt? Is there any discoloration? How is the rest of you?

I study Kenpo, and spar often. After one fight, where I was woefully overmatched, btw, I had a dent in my shin for two months, It only hurt the first few days, but it sure looked odd.

It doesn’t hurt, and there’s no discolouration. And it appears to have gone now.

Touching it didn’t make it go deeper, or form in the first place (and I can’t get it to come back by pressing there). It just felt like a dent in the bone, and the skin itself didn’t look dented (though it wasn’t much of a dent, so I might not have been able to tell).

Well, probably good that it went away on its own. Let us know if it comes back.

I think i’ve figured out what it was. I was sitting with my leg against the side of my desk. :smack:

<points and laughs at Revenant Threshold>

Congratulations on not having pitting edema :wink: