I ate a maggot burger for supper. How was your dinner?

Thats OK I just did it for you.

In Scandinavia people have very interesting eating habits.Like partly decomposed fish. :eek:

I made myself a mug of hot chocolate using one of those little individual packets of powder.

Dumped the powder into the mug, added hot water and milk, stirred it and waited a bit, then drank it slowly, sipping it and feeling nice and toasty.

I get to the bottom, and through the dark chocolate sludge that always exists at the bottoms of mugs of hot chocolate, I saw little rice-like things. Rice-like things with eyes.

I hadn’t swallowed any (I think) but I had been drinking bug juice with my hot chocolate! I’d boiled the little critters and been drinking their broth! EEWWWWWW!!!

Somehow, I managed not to puke. But now I keep my hot chocolate packets tightly sealed in a big tupperware container. And I inspect the powder in my mug before adding any water.

Well, when I was a kid, my favorite thing in the world to eat was cream of mushroom soup. I loved it scalding hot, and I would drink it through a straw from a soup mug.
One day I was at gramma’s and she made me up a mug of soup. I sipped away until I got a really BIG mushroom… which crunched. I spit out what was left of it, since it kept crunching… and found the remains of an earwig.

To this very day, I am more than a little paranoid about re-used straws. I’m happier just throwing them out and getting (unwrapping) a new one. I still love the soup, though.

Then there was the time that I rolled over in the middle of the night and grabbed the bottled iced tea that I had bought that evening and took a nice big swig… only to realize that it couldn’t have been the iced tea that I had bought, it must have been the last iced tea that I had gotten… more than a month before. I knew this in one dreadful flash… as I swallowed the mouthful of tea that was the consistency of thick maple syrup.

I haven’t really enjoyed any sort of iced tea since.

It is 11:11 central time. Why do I tell you the time? Because this is when I ususally eat lunch.



Antigen - I want to print out your post and put it by the tea/hot chocolate area in my work breakroom. For some reason, there are people who take the individual sealed packets of hot chocolate mix, use half for some purpose I am not privy to, and then try to fold over the top and put it back in the dispenser box. I have found bugs on the counter eating the spilled mix, now I wonder how many people added maggot mix to their morning coffee (or snort it, or whatever they do with only half a packet of hot chocolate mix).

Once I was eating home made trail mix. Every once and a while I got a raisin didn’t taste quite right, but I wasn’t paying that much attention to them.

Then I looked down and saw a fat, white maggot crawling out of the pile or raisins that I’d used to make the trail mix. I still can’t eat raisins to this day, and that was about 15 years ago.

Back when Ivylad used to drink and play pool and dip Skoal, he took his visiting cousin from England out to a bar.

Ivylad was using a longneck bottle to hold his expectorations. He kept it on the side of the pool table while they played.

Cousin picked up what he thought was his beer, took a swig…

And swallowed.

Seconds later he power-puked all over the pool table, and they quickly made their departure from the establishment.

You all (and/or your various friends and loved ones) have my deepest sympathy.

However, I am going to be really, really glad when this thread title disappears from the front page.
And, yes, I do realize I just bumped it.

I no longer chew gum with my mouth open. As a kid, growing up in pond-laden New England, I once pulled the wad of gum I’d been chewing out of my mouth and found at least 20 mangled mosquitoes entangled within it.

My God, this has got to be the most horrifying thing I have heard. I just can’t imagine chewing gum with my mouth THAT open, and finding the results. shivers


And to think I used to believe that mosquitos provided no benefits to humanity.

Oh, and a couple of weeks ago, I bit down on a slice of deep-fried putrescent potato. It was the last fry on my plate, and I was reading the paper. There’s nothing worse than being in a public setting when every fibre in your body is screaming for you to eject the partially-chewed contents of your mouth. Maintain composure. Locate napkin. An eternity.

In addition to not blithely swigging down the dip-tainted beverage, be on the lookout for the “discarded ciggy in the beer can” trick. I thought it tasted funny, but my throat was kinda sore from smoking at the party. I thought it was just malfunctioning taste buds. Oops.
Oh, and one time when my brother and i were kids, he made me a PB&J sandwich.
The secret ingredient? Dry cat food. He didn’t tell me till the next day.

I’m not sure I can compete with the stories here (or if I have an equivilant story I’ve very carefully repressed it). But I have had a rather unique experience:
I ate a bad Twinkie.
I know what you’re thinking. Twinkies don’t go bad. They are mostly presevatives and the rest is something that is not organic matter to being with. They can’t go bad.

Well, apparently the Creationists are wrong, because life (or at least decay) can arise out of non-life given enough time.

I wandered into my boyfriend’s kitchen one night and found a box of Twinkies. Being young and foolish then, I though I’d have one. Later, BF denied any knowledge of said Twikies. My theory is they had been there since the last tenant…and the tenant before that…and so on, if fact I’m assuming these came from the first batch of twinkies marketed.

Bit into it…utterly rancid. And consider, Twinkies are pretty disgusting when they’re “good”. The bright side is I have never wanted to eat a Twinkie again.

Hmmm… I seem to have far too many examples to share. Let’s count:

One. I was making dinner, seasoning the canned green beans with some bacon fat drippings from the mug on the stove. This was when I was like 14 or 15 years old. Family eating dinner asks “What’s this in the green bea… auuugh!!!


The worst part was that we were so poor, that I just fished out the critters and kept eating.

Two. Biting into a payday bar just purchased at convenience store. Chewing. Swallowing. Looking at candy bar for next bite and noticing that the peanuts were all covered in web.

Returned payday bar in exchange for a mounds.

Three. Putting down a newly-opened bottle of beer. Picking up bottle of beer and taking a swig. Realizing that bottle of beer in hand is not one just put down, but one put down two weeks ago, and which in the interim had gone moldy and infested with gnat larvae.

The worst is when you want to vomit, and feel like you might. But don’t.

Four. Bringing home some El Pollo Loco with a side of beans. Eating chicken and beans, and putting empty containers with food scraps into plastic shopping bag. Tying knot in bag to make airtight, and placing on counter in kitchen. Cleaning kitchen four days later and finding bag full of hundreds of little flies.

And then never eating at El Pollo Loco again.

Five. Biting into a taco from La Estrella and discovering that they did in fact put cilantro on my carne asada, despite my clear request for no cilantro.

Hmmm…may I suggest that you clean your house more often? :wink:

Don’t mind me…I once left a glass of grape juice behind a vase, and found it two weeks later covered in white mold.

That is by far the most repulsive thing in this whole thread. I think I am going to retch.

Somewhere around here there’s a thread where the OP (accidentally) chugged a bunch of urine from a bottle by his bed. He thought it was the remains of his 40oz… and in a sense, it was.

Ohhhh… thank god for this thread. Y’all are making me feel so much better about an incident that happened here coupl’a months back. Figger I’ll share since I’m half inna bag at the moment, my inhibbbbitions are down & I feel comfotuble knowing that others have had worse experiences than mine.

Mid-June and the Tygr-cub wants to play out back in her lil’ swimming pool. The back-porch storm door is kinda broken & doesn’t shut unless you force it (errant high-end wind gust back in May caught it & tore up the door frame). Flies seem to be particularly interested in this fact… 'Specially since the cub has to go inside to potty every 10 minutes (she inheirited her momma’s bladder). After pool time’s over I spend half the night working the swatter & disciplining all the un-invited guests.

Coupl’a days later it appears I missed one.

See, I forgot to take the trash out previous evening.

Wife, getting ready for work, wakes me (off work @ mid-nite before) to ask me to look at kitchen floor. When I see all the little rice-grains squirming around the floor, I am instantly awake. (Maggots all over da floor are a better pick-me-up than mainlining a full pot of 100% Sumatra blend.) I put on my un-dress whites & proceed to pour a concoction of straight clorox overlaid with a sh*t-load of high-test Raid™ all across the linoleum. Wait 15 minutes, until all of the little bastards have stopped squirming, then mop the hideous soup into the dustpan, dump pan into trash & high-tail trash out to garbage can.


This incident steeled in me the resolve to:

  1. Forever ensure that the kitchen trash lid is tightly closed.

  2. Take out trash every night. Even if only half-full.

  3. Take outside garbage can to dump every week. (to reduce number of flies around back yard)

  4. Fix the damned back door so it closes itself.
    Nature is fine, as long as it stays outside where it belongs.

A couple of years ago, we thought we’d have homemade fancy drinks like the ones you can get at Borders’ cafe. I don’t remember exactly what they were, but it involved milk and club soda and some flavored syrup and ice. My wife volunteered to make them, and so she brought me mine. I took a sip. Mmmmm, nice. There was something unusual in the texture, but it was good. Wife asks, “How do you like it, hon?” “Fine, but what are the floaty bits?” “Floaty bits? What floaty bits?”

Upon further inspection, it was A COCKROACH.

One that had crawled into the glass in the cupboard and died, and which she failed to notice. My wife made me drink a cockroach.

To this day, I won’t let her get me anything to drink that isn’t in an unopened can.

Well, that one incident was during my bachelor days, when I just didn’t clean house in rebellion of the days from my youth, living with a clean-freak mother. When I decided to clean the place, it took two day laborers and a 20-ft flatbed truck for all the trash. I have pictures someplace…

Tygr’s post reminds me of an incident where I brought home some fruit from the produce market, and put it in a fruit bowl on the coffee table, and later that night dozed off watching TV.

I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to the sensation of something tickling my leg. I brushed it off, and blearily surveyed a vista of a coffee table covered in squirming maggots, backlit by the blue light of the TV. Apparently, one of the pieces of fruit was completely flyblown… and they had spread out all over the table, and the floor, and were climbing up the couch… onto my leg.

I’ll never forget the way they sort of rear up and nose the air in little circles, hunting for the scent of a meal…


How cool would it be to explore yet another facet of this thread…and be graced with the post of someone who has been recently medically treated with maggots, or who has performed such treatment or, possesses some sort of intimate knowledge about?