I believe my window etiquette is correct

I will just openly gloat that I have an awesome couch in my condo rather than be suspected of humblebragging. I have a lot of long work days or am otherwise frequently away from home, so when the chance finally presents itself, I like to spend some quality time on my awesome couch.

There are some big windows facing the couch. There are sidewalks and lawns out there- this is not my personal domain, other people live here and are walking around outside my windows often enough- walking dogs, coming to and fro their own condos, whatever.

The whole question could be avoided by just keeping the blinds closed. Then I can’t see out and others can’t see in. However, I happen to think it can appear strange if one’s blinds are closed all the time and besides, I have a lot of plants. Most importantly, it is acceptable window etiquette to observe closed blinds- it isn’t like a person can invade another’s privacy by looking at their closed blinds.

But like I said, I think it is generally best to leave the blinds open. In that case, I consider it bad window etiquette for passers-by to peer into my windows. It isn’t like someone will catch me strolling in front of the Queen of England or anything like that if they did peep in my windows, but that is beside the point. I don’t think they should look in my windows. I guess I think people should mind their own business.

OTOH, when I am spending some quality time on my couch, I think it is perfectly acceptable for me to observe any activity outside my windows. I am allowed to look OUT, but passers-by are not allowed to look IN. Walking your dog? Nice dog. Oh hey, looks like the neighbor got a lot of groceries. Somebody’s guests are strolling the grounds. Whatever. If it is outside my windows, I am within my rights to watch. Now, if it is some sexy person in yoga pants stretching out to go run or what have you, I really should not leer. Also, I should not glare at people from within my condo- that just isn’t polite, and it doesn’t really matter if I am never supposed to get caught at it.

And that’s the odd thing in all this. It isn’t a bunch of yoga babes cavorting outside my window, it is more or less a bunch of regular folks doing normal things. So I watch them, and I am taking note of whether anyone is looking in my windows. If they did, they would get some sort of demerit, lose a point, something like that. Aha! But nobody is ever looking in my windows. They are minding their own business. Everybody follows the rules.

Seasons go by without my catching someone looking in my windows. I want to say it has happened a couple of times in the last few years, but I can’t recall a specific example. It isn’t like I spend a lot of time on this, it is almost the last thing I get to do, but I do continue to be on the lookout for peepers.

So your windows are clear glass, right? Not that semi-mirrored type? You sure the windows are street or ground level?
Meh. Maybe people just don’t give a crap what you’re doing on your couch.
If I ever walk by I will be sure to stare in your window just so you can give me a demerit.:slight_smile:

Clear glass. Regular first floor windows. They aren’t massive bay windows or anything like that, but the ones in front of the couch are fairly large, two side-by-side panes. I can see my cat and the interior through them when I am outside.


You don’t think that would be a little… impolite?

What if I’m walking by and catch a glimpse of that amazing couch, and I look a little closer to take in all its glory, but I purposely pay no attention to the person sprawled upon it?

How many demerits is that?

That would get you a demerit. It doesn’t matter if you look at me or not, you should not look in the window. If you are especially persistent, maybe it would trigger some kind of demerit meter.

A child can easily stare inside through those windows and get away with it.

I have very strong suspicion that the couch in fact is not so awesome, and that’s why no one is looking in. That’s what this is really all about.

Do you ever sleep on this great and beautiful, oh so grand sofa? Maybe they are looking while you’re snoozing. Just saying.

g: Maybe. It might not be much to look at- a plus in terms of discouraging window-gazing- but it is plush and 7’+ long. I can nap on it, the gf and cat and I can all pile on… For me, it is an awesome couch. That shouldn’t be everyone’s business. To pretty much everyone’s credit around here, they don’t seem to be making it their business.

B: This is a super nap couch! I sleep on it when I get the chance, which is only so much. I don’t know what I can do about peepers during naps, other than close the blinds I guess.

Sorry, I don’t understand what the question is. Are you worried that people are looking in, or that they’re not?

Chances are that someone outside in the daylight can’t actually see anything in your (relatively darker) room anyway. What you choose to do when it gets dark out and you turn your lights on is your business, but that’s when most people tend to pull the curtains, and there won’t be anybody doing anything outside that you might be suspected of surreptitiously peeping at, anyway.

Or you could just hang up net curtains, peep away or not as you choose, and no-one would be any the wiser. Of course, then they wouldn’t see your couch, but if that’s the important thing, why not ask the neighbours in for tea so that they can admire it?

You could put up a camera. Then you could catch all the dirty lowdown peepers in the act.

T. I may need to see this couch.

I’ve looked out our living room big, bay windows to see looking in at me; squirrels, birds, deer, turkey, a bear, but never a human. Seeing a person looking in would be insanely weird.

It is kind of a non-issue that nobody is peeping in my windows. In the absence of that, it is a little odd that I have all these rules about it, which everyone seems to follow without being told, and that I remain on the lookout for peepers anyway. It is a sort of reflex to monitor all the passersby for peeping.

B: Sure, come see the couch if you’re in the area. I’ll make us a snack and you can be a second pair of eyes :slight_smile:

“Jeepers, creepers where’d you get those peepers!”

Too bad your condo isn’t on the second floor. That way you could look down on everyone. That might require elevatating your couch and setting it at an angle though.:smiley:

It might be impolite to look in your window, but etiquette is not the law. If you leave your blinds open then prepare for impolite people to show up.

And . . . What?

Set up lawn chairs? Play bocce? Do that paparazzi thing?

Actually, that kind of is the point. One should walk behind the Queen, or at best beside her should one be of equal station, but never in front. That would be unusual enough to cause people to look. And take notes. And report it in the worldwide media. Methinks thou wantest that not.