I Bet ExTank Will Want THIS for His Birthday!

It’s a tank birthday cake!

It doesn’t fire anything, but at least the turrent moves.

That’s awesome! If I was more mechanically inclined, I would make that for my ex-Army boyfriend.

Off topic, but this cake is awesome in a geeky way too.

Best cake EVAR (that doesn’t have a girl popping out of it).

My mother had a cake made for my dad’s 60th birthday (14 years ago yesterday – happy birthday, dad!). It was their back yard, complete with a compost heap made with frosting, a tractor, and a ham radio tower.

Some friends of mine lived on a boat, and their wedding cake was an exact model of the boat.

Pfft ! This cake is the most awesome, geeky, worldly…

BEST! I want that more than you know.

Thanks, if you are into other kinds of fantasy, there is always the Minas Tirith cake

You guys really have to watch “Ace of Cakes” on the Food Network. They do some absolutely amazing cakes.