I bet Gary Condit is breathing easier

Do you think Condit, the Trouser Snake, would have retired/resigned by now if this bombing hadn’t occured?

He has got to be doing everything possible to make himself seem the all-american congressman right about now.

Who is this Condit of whom you speak? I know him not :wink:

Seriously, I think you’re right.


ms ujest, you have given me the first belly laugh since tuesday with your thread title. thank you.

You know, I actually made the comment the other day about how this knocked the Levy/Condit thing out of the news for the first time in months. (I still hope they find out what happened to her, but I got darned sick of the media coverage.)

Around here (Michigan) the Levy/Condit affair has been out of the news for a couple of weeks now. I hate to admit it, but Wednesday I thought to myself “Well, at least the news will have something other than filler pieces in it for a while.” :o

There is no other news in America. There is nothing else right now.

I think everyone would rather that Gary was the main story nowadays.
Even Gary.

I think Condit may have masterminded this whole thing to get himself out of the headlines.

Also, little heard news story from yersterday:

Paula Poundstone entered a plea bargain on wednesday – no contest to one count of felony child endangerment and one misdemeanor count of inflicting injury on a child – with the agreement that the sex charges would be dropped.

I said the same thing to Mr.Ujest. Conspiracy theories [sub]backwards [/sub]R Us.