I blame Friends

Yes, I know it isn’t new, but lately I have been hearing more and more people using “so” in that annoying Friends-type way. You know, “I am so not going to the movie with him.” “That is so not going to happen.”

You’d think only teenage girls would use this type of phrasing, but I hear it from otherwise intelligent adults, and I see it written online all the damn time.

Enough of the “so.” It makes you sound stupid!

I have to concur. The usage preceeds the start of Friends but that show is definitely to blame.

Brace yourself for a bunch of lame posts where people use that phrase.


That is so not going to happen.


How you doin’? :wink:

I blame Friends, too. For everything.

It’s all the fault of Must See TV.

All of it.

Meh. Not a great rant, not an awful one. What to call it, what to call it?


This is so MPSIMS.


Could you be* more of a moderator?

Could you be more of a moderator?

I like it when used sparingly. And I’m neither teen-aged nor female.

So…and this is in the Pit why?

Another annoying peace of popular linguistic idiocy is the simple declarative statements often missing pronouns, like this:

“Okay. Not a fun conversation!”

“Not having fun!”

Said with that whiney, self serving, attention getting, annoyed inflection in the voice. Really makes me want to slap the face off the fuckers.

Crap. I guess I should have put some more anger into it. haha.

I also hate “Whatever!”

I also blame ‘Friends’ for annoyingly generic ‘hip’ haircuts.

I blame friends for tuberculosis, while we’re at it.


I blame Friends for everything: 9/11, the Iraq war, the muffler falling off of my car, the heat wave, the extinction of the dinosaurs (Could I be any more of a global catastrophe), Brad Pitt breaking up with Jennifer Aniston, the popularity of Will & Grace, everything.

shakes fist CURSE YOU FRIENDS!!! :mad:

When come back, bring anger.

People in glass houses…

That is so more of a Buffyism.

You know I’m not a big fan of the whole friends vernacular either. But I still find myself using it from time to time. Especialy the SO bit.

It’s weird, it’s like they brain washed me or something.