I Bought Truffles!

I have always been curious about these very expenive mushrooms. I found a small jar of them (4 small French, black) truffles on sale, and bought them. So as to use them to best effect, how shall I use them?
My investment is riding on this, so please be accurate!

You can make some pasta, toss it with olive oil and shave little bits of truffle onto it.

(I seed that on the teevee).

Here’s a cheesy-looking website that nevertheless has a few good ideas.

Shave them very thin over scrambled eggs.

If you have small bits left over, store them with whole eggs in a closed container for a few days. The eggs will take on the truffle essence.

And to make it pure heaven on earth, add thinly shaved, top quality aged Parmesan cheese. Nom nom NOM nom nom.

As many have suggested, I believe the classical french preperation to showcase the truffle is very simply with eggs. I believe the Truffle Omellete is famous in France and quite a classic.

I once saw a program about Italian truffle hunters, and the way that one of them chose to showcase his truffles was very simply added to hot butter and then tossed with classic potato gnocchi… and yet more shaved over. A sort of rustic preperation.

Here is a bit of a hopped up version of Truffle Gnocchi, that I found. Might not be classical, but it certainly looks like a delicious recipe.

I’ve never had truffles, let me know how they taste?

I’m afraid you will be disappointed. Canned truffles are the faintest imitation of what truffles are really like. You will barely be able to taste them.

That said, just chop them and add them to scrambled eggs. You can’t shave them; they have been cooked. You will get a tiny understanding of what truffles are really like.