I broke my Starbucks boycott yesterday

Yup. I had been boycotting since September 11th, when I heard about them charging rescue workers for water for the victims at Ground Zero.

I figured yesterday that it’d been long enough, and besides, the espresso bar in Park Hall was closed.

Specifically, I broke the boycott for an iced Venti nonfat mocha (their espresso is so terrible that I have to get my macchiatos somewhere else).

Anyways, please return to your mundane and pointless stuff.

I boycotted them because they were bought by McDonald’s, and I’m not a big fan of Maccy D’s. Besides I thought that MD’s would cheapen it and cut costs. - Noone buys a company if not to turn over a profit. Usually when a big mulitnational takes over another, it slashes quality. And we’re talking about McDonald’s here folks. So I thought “I aint going there anymore”.

But I just couldn’t keep away from the tuna mayo baguettes.

Total boycott time: about three weeks.

I’m sorry, I’m pathetic…




I’m talking about Pret A Manger, not Starbucks. Lord knows who are responsible for that atrocity.

I would apologise, but it’s 4.30 in the morning over here, and I’m keeping this thread in the limelight for you.

Er, I was a runner for a while and I kept getting sent to Starbucks to pick up ridiculous caffeine drinks for people. I won’t be going near the place till the memory of all those burnt fingers fades from memory.

Ha! I can say with complete honesty that I have never spent any money at Starbucks! I am a better human being than you!

(Of course, I don’t drink coffee. It makes me physically ill.)

I like strong, flavorful coffee. S doesn’t seem to cut it for me. Lacks the flavor IMO.

I’d be sympathetic, but if you were heroin addicts or hardcore boozers, I’d show sympathy. But coffee??

Sorry, whores.